Healthy Living & Pete’s Greens Potatoes: Featured Demo

New Potato Cake with Tallegio

Healthy Living Produce Department teamed up with Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury to create a unique brand item in our department; Healthy Living and Pete’s Greens 3lb potato bags! The bags are the perfect size and can only be purchased at Healthy Living. They contain a mixture of  Adirondack Red, Nicola, Purple Viking and Red Norland potatoes. No need to peel them, the skins are whisper thin and a bit flakey as they are so young and tender. These potatoes are great in a variety of recipes, check out what we did in our demo feature today.

This delicious, easy potato and cheese “cake” is great to serve at a dinner party. Not only is it an attractive dish and widely appealing  (who doesn’t like crispy/creamy potatoes, cheese and butter?), but it is done entirely on the stovetop, freeing up the oven for other dishes.

Necessary for this recipe is a mandolin slicer as the potatoes slice paper thin and uniform which makes the potato cake not only beautiful but evenly cooked with great texture. Instead of the Tallegio called for in the recipe,  I chose Italian Salva Cremasco, a delicious cow’s milk cheese. Fontina would also be a great choice, as would Gruyere, Cheddar,  a smoked Gouda perhaps, or a hard goat’s milk cheese. I used dried sage today since fresh sage was unavailable but this was not a problem since sage serves as a subtle background note to this rustic, potato-centric dish. Feel free to substitute other fresh or dried herbs if you have them on hand. The potato slices get set down in overlapping layers in a large buttered skillet with the cheese, salt and pepper.  Cover the skillet with foil or a tight lid as the  inner layers of potato will steam while the outer layer crisps up and browns. Mouthwatering!

You can also try these fabulous potatoes roasted in the oven with olive oil and just a sprinkle of salt or with this horseradish-dill dipping sauce.

Remember to stop by the demo counter when shopping at Healthy Living to sample featured recipes or samples from our wonderful vendors. We also have an olive oil tasting table with 6 amazing olive oils to sample several days a week.

Happy Cooking!

Gerda- DemoCoordinator and  Laurel-Produce Manager