Healthy Living Produce Goes Bananas

Equal Exchange Bananas Came in and did a demo with us and not only was it super tasty and informative it was also lots of fun!


We had Banana chocolate smoothies and heard stories about transporting bananas all the way from South America and the extensive process the bananas go through before they end up in our store.  We tried on the amazing banana suit and had a blast going bananas!

bananas 2

Equal Exchange has challenged traditional trade models for over 20 years, providing market access to small-scale producers and farmers internationally. Their most recent endeavor into the banana market is vital, because Americans are well…bananas about bananas.   The banana industry is notorious for low wages and heavy chemical use, causing major health problems across banana producing regions. Together, Equal Exchange and our farmer partners are creating a trade model that respects small-scale farmers, builds communities, and support the environment.