Healthy Living Produce Goes on The Center For Agricultural Economy Tour!

The Center For Agricultural Economy is a great resource in Hardwick that works toward local food systems for Vermont and beyond.  Check out their website and take a tour 🙂

High Mowing Seeds

Visiting High Mowing Seeds is such an eye-opening experience.  High Mowing Organic Seeds grows many of the varieties they sell on their 40 acre farm, setting them apart from the majority of other seed companies.

The work and dedication that goes into saving seeds, planting trials, testing varieties and harvesting seeds is amazing!  High Mowing Organic Seeds sells over 450 heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seed. There is still time left to plant for your fall harvest, come in to Healthy Living and get some High Mowing Seeds today!

Sterling College

Sterling College is an outstanding Learning-Working College which incorporates Environmental Studies and Agricultural Practices perfectly.  They have a working farm where they supply most of their food, stables and barns for livestock, as well as a teaching kitchen.  Sterling College truly supplies the full cycle learning experience putting the theory in practice and then getting the food to the table.

Pete’s Greens

Pete’s Greens was a very exciting stop on our adventure because we get a lot of our beautiful local produce from Pete’s.  It was wonderful to see the new barn they are building to replace the barn that burnt down last year.

It has been lovely to hear about all of the support the local communities have given to one of wonderful local farmers!  Pete’s Green’s is back in full swing and we saw rows of beautiful mesclun, spinach, tomatoes, kale, beets, and much more.  Come into Healthy Living and get some Pete’s Greens produce today, and check out our New Pete’s Greens Healthy Living Potatoes!

Heartbeet Lifesharing

Heartbeet Lifesharing is a lovely intentional community that is amazingly self-sufficient and truly lives off the land.  Located in Hardwick, Vermont, on a 150 acre farm, Heartbeet is a community where everyone, regardless of ability, can find meaning, dignity, and delight in life.  Heartbeet provides an open space for people with special needs to be apart of the community and work together to live off of the land in a meaningful way.

Vermont Soy

Vermont Soy is another amazing Hardwick, VT venture that sells mostly tofu and soy milk with efforts to expand into other markets.  Vermont Soy’s goal is to source all of organic and non-GMO soybeans directly from Vermont farmers. This helps to diversify farming revenues, it keeps Vermont’s agricultural lands active and healthy, and it supports sustainable agriculture and local economies.

The Vermont Food Venture Center

The Vermont Food Venture Center is an incubator kitchen in Hardwick that allows new business to utilize their equipment and kick off their local business.