Healthy Living Pulls a Fire Truck Up Church Street

This past Saturday, September 28th, 12 HL staff members brought all of our might down to Church Street for the 10 Annual Firetruck Pull for Outright Vermont.

Thirteen teams lined up at 12pm to see who could pull the fully loaded fire truck 30 feet the fastest. Each team was given two chances to pull, with the fastest time clocking in at 12 seconds (and it was a three way tie!).

The Healthy Living Team pulled the truck in a speedy 16 seconds, which was not enough for the golden fire truck, but enough to put a smile on our faces.

Photo Credit: Mark Z Rork – Zinfandel Photography

The event raised over $33,000 for Outright VT – the most yet in all ten years of the pull! A huge thank you to all those who donated, all those who participated in this amazing event, and for all those who came out and cheered us on. We look forward to the pulls in years to come!