HL Celebrates with Downtown Saratoga for Hats Off 2013

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the race track in Saratoga, the streets of downtown Saratoga came alive on Friday and Saturday night for the Hats Off Festival. Hosted by the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce, the festival brought live music, delicious food, and cheerful people to Broadway.

We were there both nights dishing out samples and fresh, juicy melon under our tent. Shannon, our Learning Center Coordinator, made a farro salad dressed in lemon and olive oil for event goers to taste.


We had an amazing spot on the corner of Division and Broadway with a great band called “High Definition” nearby providing the tunes all night.


The weather Friday was hot and humid, and our organic melons provided much needed refreshment to passersby and us.


Friday night was tons of fun. The upbeat and contagious energy continued on to Saturday and the weather turned out perfect for us all to continue to celebrate in Saratoga.


Saturday, we served up chocolate, melon, toasted coconut chips, and farro salad. Mark and Trisha were on melon duty while Chris, our Demo Coordinator, talked to folks about farro salad, her passion for home cooking, and our educational offerings at Healthy Living.


We handed out thousands of samples and some made from scratch right in our Learning Center.


A huge thank you to all of those who came by to see us on Friday or Saturday and to the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce for hosting the event. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer at the track!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3egCPu2cXqY&feature=youtu.be (Todd Shimkus caught us having a moment to “My Girl”)