HL Loves Local: Flourish Bodycare

At Healthy Living, we LOVE local hand made beauty care products, especially when they smell this delicious!
Whether you are looking for the perfect detangling conditioner to make you smell like a gypsy queen, or simply a fresh, revitalizing lotion, Flourish has your fix!  One of my favorite things is the Ginger Elixir Body Mist for all over myself, my house, and my sheets!  Other product scents include Honey Blossom, Patchouli Tangerine, Lavender Mint, Rosewood Infusion, and Lemongrass- all from essential oils. Since everything is made in small batches right on their farm in Woodstock, you can expect it to be fresh and potent! Come nourish your warm summer skin with some clean, green, local Flourish love!
oh, and psssst……… there is 15% off SALE for the month of JULY!