Buying local supports not only the community but also supports growth. As an independent business, working on our own growth of a second location, we are proof that it takes the whole community to grow strong business.
Brussel Sprouts at West Wind Farm
Brussel sprouts at West Wind Farm
Over the past month I have been fortunate enough to visit local NY farms and learn more about their products; from bright, hearty kale, a timid cow or a new momma pig with her clan. 

I’ve walked through the most beautiful gardens and pastures, eaten the most delicious produce and most importantly found a new group that will talk endlessly with me about food, farming and small business growth.

I look forward to sharing these products with you upon opening and hope that you’ll contact me with any suggestions. I want to provide our guests with all the things that make your mouths water and your inner-chef ignite.

-Lyndsay Meilleur, Saratoga General Manager