HL NY Update: We Have Coolers and Cranes!

As you all begin to prepare for the holiday this week and I prepare to head back to VT for the great Healthy Living Turkey Swap, I wanted to take a moment to show all of you what we have been up to at the Healthy Living Saratoga store!
Our walk-in refrigeration and freezers are securely in place. We had two cranes on site this past week to install our roof top HVAC unit, not an easy job, but done to perfection with our amazing team. We kept them fueled with brownies and cookies and it seemed to do the trick!
This next week is a wonderful time to truly show thanks, between the meetings, the concrete and the hope of a beautiful new store, we can forget to show our gratitude. I want to thank all of our contractors for working through wind, snow, rain and recent cold temperatures so that we can offer amazing products to an amazing community. With that, thank you to all of your who see us around town at various events and take the time to wish us well, your words of encouragement are what I remember when I think of the endless task list that must be completed in the next few months. I cannot wait to open the doors for all of you, to wow you with interesting, delicious products, an amazing staff, a beautiful space for you all to meet whether it be for book club, a chat with an old friend, a moment of silence in a hectic day and so on. 

We have been spending some time at local farms; keep a look out in the coming weeks for updates!

Be well…and be thankful!

-Lyndsay Meilleur, Saratoga HL General Manager