Holiday Gifts for Food Fans!

One of the best aspects about having friends and family who love food is that they tend to be soooo easy to shop for! Present them with a new, obscure condiment, a seasonal cheese, or a specialty ingredient that’s been popping up all over the place and you’re sure to receive a delighted smile (often followed by a far-off gaze as their culinary wheels start turning). If you’d like a little holiday inspiration for the food fans in your life, here’s a short list we put together from among the thousands of amazing products we carry…

Mānuka Honey
Mānuka honey is the Supergirl of honeys. Produced exclusively in New Zealand and Australia from the flowers of the mānuka tree, this raw honey not only tastes amazing but also is touted for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Part comestible, part medicine, all amazing.


It’s Arthur’s Fault Hot Fudge Sauces

Crafted locally in Jericho, VT, It’s Arthur’s Fault hot fudge sauces are the real deal and are so good, they’re often eaten straight with a spoon and never make it to the ice cream! Available in two deeply luscious flavors: Original and Expresso.

Teeny Tiny Spice Company Spice Blends
Covering spice blends from around the world, this line of small-batch mixtures has become essential in many kitchens throughout the country and makes seasoning everything from veggies to tarts to meats superbly easy.


Vermont Maple Sriracha Hot Sauce
Maple? Sriracha? Two of the most beloved condiments lovingly blended together? What’s not to love?! This hot sauce is a Thailand-Vermont fusion that will add a kick to every meal of your day. Made by hand right here in Vermont, it might just become your foodie’s favorite new sauce!

Green Mountain Mustards
Not just for hot dogs, these gourmet, locally-made mustards are ideal for all sorts of cooking adventures! Choose from: Horsepower (with horseradish), Base Camp (with red pepper and maple syrup), Golden Grain (a classic whole grain), Raging Rooster (hello, Sriracha!), and Deli Dirt (loaded with garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and caraway seeds).


Trois Petits Cochons Meats
Add a little luxury to your foodie’s plate by gifting them with these meat delicacies that taste like they were made in France (but are actually hand-crafted in New York!). Whether they like rilletes de canard, pâté rustique, saucisson sec, or mousse impériale, they’ll be dining in style.


Urbani Truffle Sauces
Truffles: the perennial foodie delight. For a special twist on these little beauties, check out the sauces made by Urbani that will make pastas, meats, fish, and even toast positively sing! Available in four varities: truffle & tomatoes, truffle & porcini, truffle & mushroom, and truffle & artichoke.


Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil
For food fans, you probably can’t go wrong with olive oil. But you can blow their minds with this smoked arbequina variety from Andalusia, Spain! Cold-infused with the smoke from oak and other woods, it balances a fresh aroma with warm flavors and is unlike any other olive oil out there!

Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps
These crisps (they’re not merely “crackers”) from Stowe, VT have simply blown up in popularity over the years, being featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and more! Let your friends and family experience the delicious flavors behind the hype: Cranberry Pistachio (the original), Sesame Citrus, and Salted Almond.


Lazy Lady Farm Cheeses
This small, off-the grid cheesemaking operation in Westfield, VT is famous for their high quality, whimsically-named goat and cow’s milk cheeses and they make two special holiday flavors: Figaro (goat’s milk with figs and dates) and Cranberries & Cream (goat/cow blend with cranberries and apricots)!

Locally-Made Butters
Butter as a gift? You betcha! Salty, small-batch, cultured butters are worlds apart from their mass-produced cousins and make each bite something extraordinary. We carry several options from local farms including Mountain Home Farm (from Tunbridge, VT), Redbarn (from Boucher Family Farm in Highgate, VT), and Vermont Creamery (based in Websterville, VT).