House Made Seafood Specialties!

seaf saus blog     In addition to knowing our way around a fish, did you know that your favorite mongers also know our way around the kitchen? That’s right! We are constantly developing and creating unique seafood treats for you to take home.
     Our gravlax is house-cured (a process that involves salt, sugar, and herbs to help break down the proteins and preserve the fish), and comes in three varieties: Traditional, Pastrami, and Beet Horseradish.    Our seafood sausage is also 100% prepared in-house….don’t be scared of the idea! It’s shrimp-y and delicious – great on the grill, seared in a pan, or tossed with your favorite macaroni.
     One of our favorite, though often overlooked, items is our confit. Lightly cured with salt, spices and lemon and then poached gently in olive oil. It’s great on a sandwich with some tangy relish or on a salad.
     We could keep singing the praises of our chowders, stocks, stews, and rillettes (a real treat), but, really, you should come grab some for yourselves. We’re always experimenting and developing new items, so be sure to keep an eye out!
-HL Seafood