How to Shop In Bulk

Who we are:

Travis: Bulk buyer- ask him about tea, nuts, dried fruit, ordering, ETA’s
Julie: Bulk Replenishment Buyer- ask her about vegan products, ordering, ETA’s
Brittany: Bulk Stocker- ask her about tea and healthy snack suggestions
Frances: Bulk Stocker- ask her about baking tips
Connor: Bulk Stocker- ask him about dried herbs for meat seasonings


Why should I buy bulk foods?

You can buy the exact amount that you need. (If you need a teaspoon of a certain spice, you can spend less than a dollar for your recipe.) Buying in bulk also cuts down on packaging waste. All that packaging makes organic foods more expensive, here in Healthy Living’s Bulk Department we take that out of the equation allowing us to provide you the same quality, great foods at rock bottom prices!

How do you buy in bulk?

You can use a scoop for the spices and bins, or simply pull the black lever on the “gravity bins” while holding any container (plastic/paper bag, plastic cup) underneath. Write the PLU# (or bin number) on the white tags located all over the bulk department. The cashier will then calculate the price with the PLU#. Feel free to enter the price per pound into our handy bulk scale to get an idea of the dollar amount you are purchasing before getting to the cashiers!

If you need to measure the product, we have measuring cups and spoons in the bulk room, just knock for assistance!

How do the nut butter machines work?

It’s simple. On the left side of all the machines, there is a switch. Push it up and it starts right up. Find a bulk employee if it gets clogged or just slows down, we are happy to help!

Where is everything located?

  • Snacks (popcorn, candy, trail mixes) are next to customer service, across from the chocolate/protein bars
  • Soaps are in the cleaning supplies aisle
  • The cooler is next to the salad dressings over next to the meat department, which has bee pollen, raw nuts, yeast, prunes and dates
  • Coffee is across from the bagged coffee section, on the back side of our baking section
  • Tea is to the right of the coffee, sharing the counter with tea strainers and various tea related housewares products.
  • Salt/Pepper/Mushrooms are located on the wall between Grains and the Spice Section
  • Rice and Gluten Free face each other near the Produce/Wine section

Here’s a list of products you wouldn’t guess we carry:

Baker’s yeast (cooler)

Bee pollen (cooler)
Pine nuts (cooler)
Teff Flour (grains)
Textured vegetable protein/TVP (grains)
Millet (gluten free)
Soap (non-foods aisle)

Stevia (spices)
Empty capsules (spices)

Where do the nuts come from?

          Almonds- USA

Brazil nuts- Bolivia

Cashews- Vietnam, India, Uzbekistan

Hazelnuts- Turkey

Macadamia- Kenya

Pecans- USA

Pine nuts- China

Pistachios- USA

Walnuts- USA

What are sprouted nuts?

We carry sprouted almonds (cooler), walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They are simply soaked in water. Sprouting promotes easier digestion and substantial increase in nutrients.

How do you cook grains and rice?

There are cooking instructions next to the labels on the bins. We also have magnets with information on cooking grains. They are located next to the grains and also on the spice section counter. Please take one for your fridge!

Is it cheaper to buy in bulk?

It generally always is. Cost depends on organic/conventional, its origin, and general price changes which happen due to a variety of reasons; drought and freezes being the main two. Check out the Mix-Your-Own Trail Mix endcap. We have selected a wide variety of products that go well together, these products range from Goji Berries, at $24.99/lb, all the way to roasted salted peanuts at $2.49/lb.  You can pick and choose your favorite snacks, throw them in one bag, and pay $8.99/lb up at the registers. It’s a great deal!

Price comparisons:

Bay leaf

Packaged: $798.86/lb

Bulk: $25.59/lb


Packaged: $141.93/lb

Bulk: $19.99/lb


Packaged: $102/lb

Bulk: $14.29/lb


Packaged: $98.34/lb

Bulk: $24.99/lb

Maple Syrup

Packaged: $17.25/lb

Bulk: $6.49/lb


Packaged: ~ $4.00/lb

Bulk: org. brown rice $2.49/lb


Packaged: ~ $5.00/lb

Bulk: $2.19/lb