Hurom Slow Juicer Demo

On your mark.  Get Set!  Slow.
Bad puns aside, if you are inclined to juice I would highly recommend swinging by our Hurom Slow Juicer Demo on Wednesday November 16th starting at noon at our Demo Center.
This little bad boy is the latest and greatest in the juicing world and it’s getting a lot of attention.  It is so named because its motor runs at a decidedly less-than-brisk 80rpm.  The slow motor speed eliminates the oxidation and separation that often occur with traditional juicers and preserves enzymes and nutrients that are harmed by the friction generated by faster motors.  The juice is delicious, absolutely fresh and loaded with the good stuff!
The name is somewhat of a misnomer because the Hurom actually extracts juice more rapidly than many other juicers (nothing like being mislead by a  kitchen appliance, right?).  The pulp it expels is very dry and the yield is impressive.  When we initially fired it up, just a couple tomatoes made more juice than 3 of us could drink comfortably before the next sample was ready.  All this and the Hurom’s relatively small counter-top footprint have put us in major juicing mode!  We love the tasty juices we’re creating with our Hurom.
Come see (and taste) for yourself Wednesday November 16th from noon to 2:30 PM at our Demo Center.