Intro to Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Suzy Harris

Swimsuit season is right around the corner, but you’re having little success losing that extra 10-20 pounds – you’ve tried exercising, eating great and even those diet programs sold on infomercials.

Have you ever tried Nutrition Response Testing? On Tuesday, Dr. Suzy Harris from Cedar Wood Chiropractic in Burlington will be at the Learning Center to explain this technique. In short, it identifies specific issues in your body that can lead to nutritional deficiencies and cause a plateau in your weight loss efforts. By identifying issues that are specific to your body, you will find restored energy, weight loss and a renewed sense of well-being.

All participants will receive a complimentary screening.

This class is being held in the Learning Center on Tuesday, June 8 from 5:30-6:30. While this class is free, we do ask that you preregister!