Introducing HL Fresh at Home!

Let’s face it, you’ve got bigger things on your plate these days than… well, planning what to put on your plate. Kick back and let us handle the planning and prep, thanks to HLM’s brand new Fresh at Home service. This week we’re thrilled to launch the Fresh at Home collection of wonderful at-home meals, direct from our team of talented Healthy Living Chefs. Choose from a changing menu of fresh and delicious pre-cooked dinners, prepared and packaged with care in our sparkling cafe kitchen. Simply choose from our seasonally inspired options, take home, and heat in your home oven for a remarkably easy…and truly fantastic dinner – all the convenience, and no compromise on quality or nutrition.. Fresh at Home is the perfect solution for busy weeknights, special occasions, or anything in between. 2020 has been hard…let us make it a tiny bit easier!

Fresh at Home Menu

*Inquire with Guest Services for an updated daily menu of delicious creations. While this is only available at our South Burlington location right now, we’re looking forward to adding to all locations soon!

Classic Chicken Saltimbocca ($15.99/pound)

The HLM version of an Italian classic. All-natural, boneless and skinless chicken breasts  wrapped with a delicate layer of Italian prosciutto, and served with whipped lemon mashed potatoes, hearty braised winter greens, and a mushroom jus.

Chili Herb Salmon Fillet ($22.99/pound)

A gorgeous fillet of wild-caught Atlantic salmon, glazed with a sweet chili sauce, and served with whipped lemon mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts.

Spicy Vegetable Green Curry ($11.99/pound)

Rich yet virtuously vegan, our slightly Spicy Veggie Green Curry is balanced by coconut milk, green curry paste, and some lightly pickled raisins for extra zing! Served with herbed rice, this warming curry is perfect for the winter months ahead. Vegetarian/Vegan

Vegan Lasagna ($9.99/pound)

Behold one of our greatest creations –  a vegan cheese made from almonds with the creamy taste and consistency of ricotta. WOW! Combined with our rich vegetable bolognese, savory breadcrumbs, and pillowy pasta layers… our Vegan Lasagna has to be tasted to be believed! Vegetarian/Vegan

Coming soon: Fresh At Home ready to cook meals

For those nights you’re too busy, burned out or just plain lazy to leaf through recipes, let the HLM chefs provide some inspiration. We designed the ‘Ready to Cook’ collection to provide you with fresh ingredients and easy directions to make delicious dinners at home. These kits will give you the confidence to create inventive dishes for the whole family in your own kitchen – and whether you take all the credit is up to you.