Introducing the Sam Can!


Sam Adams? In a can? Say whaaaaa? That’s right. After years of market research and the contracting of industry design firms and sensory experts, Sam Adams Boston Beer Company has done it: created a can specifically tailored for their full flavored craft beers. No, they didn’t just take their brews and put them in a standard run-of-the-mill can. They have successfully redefined the way we can enjoy craft beer.

What you’ll notice differently about these cans is…

1. They have a larger, wider lip to allow more air flow while drinking

2. They’ve pushed back the can opening from the edge to make it closer to the nose to help accentuate hop aromas while drinking.

3. A hourglass ridge (similar to their Perfect Pint Glass) that helps to ‘push’ flavor forward

4. An extended lip to place the beer at the forefront of your palate for maximum  enjoyment of the malt

Are they better than their glass counterparts? Tough to say. But they are better for the beach, boating, golfing, hiking, camping, concerts, or venturing out to the track. Better than the average can? You decide. They’re here at Healthy Living Saratoga in 12-packs of Boston Lager and Summer Ale, waiting for you to take on any adventure this Summer!