Introducing: Vermana Herbals

New to Healthy Living:  Handcrafted, small batch herbal remedies by Vermana Herbals from Hyde Park, Vermont.  Some of the products include: Adult Allergy Soother, Adult Immune blend, Winter Blend, Throat Spray, and Rosie Day Glycerite.  Formulated by Carly Harrison, who shares her story on her website:

“I have been in love with plants since I was very young. I played in the forests and fields of Vermont for as long as I can remember. For over ten years I have studied herbs and their uses, working with and among many well known herbalist, clinical herbalist, and farmers. After years of hard work, I decided to create an herbal extract and apothecary company. And this, is how Vermana Herbals was born. ‘Vermana’ means ‘Green Spirit.’ Ver as in green, and Mana for the energy of the earth, and the spirit that resides in nature. I have tried to capture the green spirit of the Green Mountains where I live, and the green spirit of the plant medicine. As our labels say, “Our intent is to keep it simple. We strive to promote responsible and appropriate use of plants. Our products are handcrafted in small batches to maintain the highest quality formulas. All Vermana Herbals products use only Organic, Ethically wild-harvested, and untreated herbs.” Almost all of the herbs that go into our products are grown, harvested and dried less than one mile from where our extracts and formulas are created. This creates a ‘micro-local’ support system, which Vermont is famous for…”