It’s Seed Time!

Radish seedlings

It’s late winter around these parts, and we finally have more than 10 hours of sunlight a day. It’s that magic point of the season when everything seems brighter, and we start to think about spring and summer arriving, one of these days.

High time to wrap up garden planning, I say, and get ready to start some seeds!

So Many Seeds

Do you need new seeds for this year, or have you never planted a seed before?  This season we have over 250 varieties of seeds from two local companies, including flowers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and more.

No matter your experience, we have a wide array of seeds to choose from, for whatever kind of garden you have in mind.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

This awesome local company has been providing us with organic, heirloom, and hybrid seeds since 2007. Their powerhouse varieties yield so well and taste so good, many of our local farms source their seed from High Mowing, too. The majority of their seed stock is grown and trialed in Vermont, so seeds are especially well suited to our plant hardiness zones.


Hudson Valley Seed Company

This local New York seed company is a newer partner for us!  The company’s mission is to save seed varieties for future generations and support local artists while doing it! Hudson Valley Seed Co. offers an exceptional variety of flowers (great for pollinators) and gorgeous seed mixes (think rainbow radishes). As an added bonus, their seeds come in locally designed “art packs” that are simply stunning. Art packs make excellent gifts for gardeners!

We love heirloom ‘Long Island Cheese Pumpkins’ and a new variety, “Lavender Cloud Nicotiana.”

So, now I have seeds. What next?

It’s the best time of year to get ready to garden, so we suggest a pre-season checklist:

  • plan out your garden space
  • clean all the garden tools
  • sanitize last year’s starting pots
  • make sure you have high quality seed starting soil mix
  • compost and clear debris

Before you know it, it will finally be time to let ‘er rip and get those tomato seeds started!

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