June Front End Fundraiser – Common Roots

It’s already almost June and we’re excited to work with Common Roots for our next Front End Fundraiser! Common Roots is a nonprofit organization based right here in South Burlington, Vermont. The non-profit organization provides programs and events that educate the community about the value of knowing where your food comes from (just like we do!) while enhancing our local food system. Common Rotos core beliefs center around building community, promoting sustainable agriculture, and educating South Burlington youth about the value of creating sustainable environments right here at home.









“We work with the South Burlington School District, Healthy Living Food Market, and three farm partners (The Farm at South Village, Rockville Market Farm, and Bread and Butter Farm) to provide programs and opportunities for youth and community members to grow and enjoy healthy foods at home and school. Thanks to generous community support, Common Roots supports two part-time food educators who work in our K-12 schools. Volunteers support the Common Roots mission in many ways, from helping with school menu testing programs to writing grants to tilling ground. Please contact us if you would like to lend a hand.”