Kriemhild Butter

Kriemhild Dairy Farm of Hamilton, NY, got its name from original Holstein herd of holstein-friesian cattle that were born, raised and registered in the United States. This particular herd holds a unique value as Kreimhild Dairy Farm is located just a few short miles from Peterboro, NY, where the herd resided in 1929. Although they are not focused on breeds and enjoy the diversity of a mixed breed herd, they recognize the importance of history and the path that was paved to make this area of NY the beautiful and viable dairy country that exists today.


Kriemhild Dariy Farm is known for its delicious sweet cream, European style Meadow Butter. It is churned slowly and finished at a low level of moisture resulting in a rich flavorful butter. The higher fat content (85%) is coveted by chefs for its unique cooking properties. The butter is made throughout the growing season while their cows are grazing on high quality pastures, consuming the most nutritious mix of grasses. Since their cows graze seasonally you can see a range of colors in the butter from a deep golden color in the spring to a pale yellow in the fall. They do not add any other ingredients other than sweet cream from their grass fed milk and salt (except for the unsalted of course!) There are no trans fats in their natural butter and since their butter is made with milk from grass fed cows, it has a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA’s), the good fats our body’s need to digest nutrients.

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