Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

For anyone who likes to spend a little extra time in the kitchen, tools that are consistent and fantastic can make a huge difference, so  I’d like to formally introduce you to Kyocera Advanced Ceramics.  This line features knives, peelers and slicers designed to make food prep faster and generally more awesome.  We’ve carried this line for a while now and couldn’t be happier.


Here are the quick facts:


-each item features an ultra sharp “Advanced Ceramic” blade


-ergonomic molded resin handle


-5 year warranty with free sharpening from Kyocera (more on that later)


But here’s why we really think they’re cool:


Kyocera’s blades are Advanced Ceramic, or Zirconium Oxide, a material that is very light weight and extremely dense.  In fact, Advanced Ceramic is second only to diamond in hardness which helps these blades hold an edge 10 times longer than steel.  When they eventually do need to be sharpened, it needs to be done on a diamond sharpener which is a huge bummer right?  Nope.  Kyocera offers complimentary sharpening- you pay only one-way shipping and handling and your knife is professionally sharpened on a diamond wheel and returned to you.


Also pretty sweet is the fact that because the blades are so light, no extra weight needs to be added to the handle to balance the knife, which results in a much lighter knife overall which in turn reduces hand fatigue.  Neat, huh?


Unlike steel, ceramic is chemically inert –  meaning that it  does not absorb acids, oils or salts from food so you can go from garlic to lemons to strawberries and with just a quick rinse in between, no worries of weirdness.


These great blades are easy to handle, good looking and perform like gems but they can’t do everything.  Ceramic knives are designed specifically for chopping fruits, vegetables and boneless meats and they do that oh so well, but they aren’t meant to replace your steel knives which are still best for carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods and slicing cheese.


“So why would I use these when the steel knives I already have can do all of that stuff?”

Because what the ceramic knives do, they do better.  Since they are lighter and stay sharper longer, your ceramic knives can be your prep workhorses.  If your prep list is long the Kyocera blades will save you oh so much time, reduce the wear or your steel knives and be an excellent addition to your cutlery family.


Currently we stock their 5.5” Santoku (my favorite and the most versatile of the bunch), a nifty 5” micro-serrated slicing knife that’s perfect for soft skinned fruits and veggies (hello tomatoes!), awesome “Y” peelers, adjustable Mandoline slicers and their “Try Me” paring knives which are perfectly priced as a gift or a gentle introduction into the wild world of ceramic slicing!