Local Farm Visits: Rockville, Lewis Creek, Stony Loam

We are so happy to be able to carry fresh, local products in our store. What gets us even more excited is having a connection with the farms and farmers that produce these products. Every so often, we get out of the store and into the farms to chat with the farmers, walk their beautiful fields and see the grow process. Last week, we got out to visit a few farms, enjoy the sunshine and even wet our feet in a beautiful creek that runs through Lewis Creek farm.
Our first stop led us out to Starksboro, VT on 108 acres of preserved land that Eric and his team at the Rockville Market Farm purchased in the year 2000. The land itself has been farmed on for hundreds of years make it rich, fertile and perfect to farm on. Eric explained to us that the trees were cleared by hand, massive boulders moved and perimeter stone walls were built, almost hard to imagine in this day and age. Smelling the fresh Vermont air and taking in the scenery made us realize what our desk jobs sometimes lacked. We learned that the farm raises 25 acres of certified organic product, pastured poultry, pork and lamb, as well as a growing flock of laying hens. Over the past few years, the farm has moved away from a focus on wholesale distribution and have embraced community supported agriculture. Eric explained to us that right now, the fastest growing component on the farm are Eric’s Eggs which we are happy to provide in our store.
With the tagline “Poultry in Motion”, how can you not like eggs from Rockville Market Farm. While there, we got to walk around the coop and see how the hens have unlimited access to pasture. They’re happy, healthy and vibrant, just as hens should be in their natural habitat. We also got to visit the barn where the farm team prepares butternut squash, what a beautiful building and another item we’re happy to sell in store along with euro cukes, radishes and melons! We took quite the walk with Eric and his dogs and it couldn’t have been a better start to the day.
After saying goodbye to the chorus of bleating lambs at Rockville Market, we made our way to Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro, VT where Hank, who has owned and operated the farm since 1981, gave us yet another lovely tour along side his four legged, canine companion. The 150 acre farm sits in a valley at the food of the Green Mountains, about 20 miles from Burlington, VT.
While walking through the beautiful feeds that make up the farm, we had a chance to take off those mud boots and wade through a gorgeous creek that runs right through the property. It was a refreshing feel and we were even lucky enough to witness a tractor crossing! All the hard work that Hank and his crew provide is evident in the product we carry in store and the produce he supplies to the community. At Healthy Living you’re able to find spinach, mesclun, sugar snap peas, scallions and roots fresh from Lewis Creek Farm.
Last stop of the day for some of us travelers was to visit Stony Loam Farm in Charlotte, VT. Dave and his family, owner/operators of Charlotte’s Stony Loam Farm, have clear goals in mind when they till the soil and reap its rewards. It was evident when we visited that the family really wants to educate their community, provide fresh organic produce to the people, and preserve Vermont’s beautiful landscape. Stony Loam has an amazing farm share program as well where members are able to cut their own flowers, know where their food is truly coming from and actually renews ones understanding of the connection between community, food, and farming. We are proud to carry a great variety of products from Stony Loam farm and I’m sure you’ve seen these beautiful vegetables on our shelves. From Dave and his farm we carry Boston lettuce, Oak lettuce, summer squash, patty pan squash and zephyr squash.