Local Flower Love!

I wanted to send out some love & appreciation to all of the hard working and talented Flower growers that are part of the huge network of local growers that we support here at Healthy Living!!


Stray Cat Farm – located on the Intervale in Burlington. Stray Cat has always been a staple on our fresh flower stand, for many years! Diana Doll is known for her exquisitely designed bouquets that are grown to perfection!


Talking Well Farm – located in Post Mills, Vermont. Mark provides us with glorious Asiatic & Orientals Lilies all year long. Grown in his Greenhouse with many years of expertise!

Painted Tulip – located in Waterbury, Vermont. Nicole Dagata’s bouquets come to us wrapped in brown paper which is the perfect earthy back drop to her amazing flowers! perfect for spontaneous giving!

Rock Meadow Farm – located in Hinesburg, V.T. Betsy Orvis is one of our newest friends that has found her niche by providing the most perfect bouquets sold as “Petite Mason Jar bouquets” Betsy’s husband, Chelsea a talented local metal worker, made the most amazing display holder just for Betsy’s bouquets, check it out!! and I have to say “hi” to their 2 kiddos that make deliveries every week, always happily!!



River Berry Farm – Fairfax, V.T. David and Jane are seasoned growers providing us with lots of beautiful produce and seasonal flowers!

Green Mountain Floral Supply – So. Burlington, V.T. Albeit not a local flower grower, I wanted to mention how much I appreciate the fact that our “off season” flowers come to us from this locally owned & operated whole sale supplier! A family run business for many decades, full of wonderful people that I’m able to work with all year round.

Each Monday morning I send “recipes” to Gr. Mountain for our “Co-branded” bouquets sold exclusively at Healthy Living! Gracie. Keith, Heather, and others then transform my “wish list” into perfectly designed bouquets, a true partnership comes to fruition!


We are in High Summer right now, the flower selection is just amazing, and will be continuing right through much of September!

Happy Summer all!


Lead Plant & Flower Buyer
Healthy Living & Cafe