Local Strawberries, Local, Local, Local


We are in full local swing and local strawberries from Adam’s Berry Farm are here! Get ’em while they are fresh! More local berries on the horizon.  Adam’s Berry Farm, is on the move and they are making a transition to a new place in Charlotte this year and have recently completed transplanting many of their blueberry plants.  They will still be at the Intervale for the majority of the season while they transition to their new berry home.

Our local greens selection is growing too with many local large leaf lettuces available, as well as Jerchio Settler’s Escarole and Endive.  Local Chards, Collards, and Cucumbers from Miskell’s Farm are here and we are also carrying a full array of tender young mustard greens from Pete’s Greens. Our greens case is getting closer and closer to being 100 % local due to the quality greenhouse space local farmers have dedicated to each little niche.   Thank you to all of our wonderful farmers who have worked so hard to bring us these delicious treats!