Make Your Weekend Sizzle with NEW Items

Grab organic burger buns, local beer, and more! 

Rudi’s Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns [In-Store Only]

The perfect complement to summer grilling! Rudi’s Organic Buns are made with high-quality ingredients and rich flavor. Pick up the Sourdough Hot Dog Buns made with zero sugar and a 24-hour fermentation process, or the delicious Hamburger Buns baked with whole wheat flour and 4g of protein per serving. Yum!

Bachan’s Yuzu Japanese BBQ Sauce

ltadakimasu: “to humbly receive.” Bachan’s NEW Yuzu Japanese BBQ sauce is a humble nod to the umami-filled, teriyaki-ish food that granny cooked growing up. Tart, bright Yuzu fruit meets smokey, tangy, and sweet BBQ for a crave-worthy sauce free from preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Burlington Beer Co. Go Green New England Pale Ale [In-Store Only]

Show some local love with every sip! Burlington Beer Co.’s “Go Green” Pale Ale is brewed exclusively in support of Vermont Green FC, a mission-focused soccer club. Enjoy the New England-style beer while representing your favorite neighborhood team and the entire Vermont community. Cheers to that!

Spindrift Spiked Strawberry Lemonade [In-Store Only]

You grew up with lemonade—it’s time lemonade grew up with you! Spindrift Spiked is a delicious summer beverage with a grown-up twist. Enjoy the sparkling Strawberry Lemonade flavor, made with real squeezed strawberry, lime juice, and zero added sugar.

Small Oven Pastries: Macarons and Meringues [In-Store Only VT]

Small Oven Pastries believes that sweet treats deserve to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can’t argue with that! Try out their made-from-scratch Macarons and Meringues, both crafted with an emphasis on local Vermont ingredients and seasonal flavors.

Vermont Creamery Chocolate & Cherry Chevre [In-Store Only]

Dessert Cheese?! Where’ve you been all my life? This Chocolate & Cherry Chevre from Vermont Creamery boasts a rich fudge-like texture, with hints of juicy, sweet cherries. Grab it in-store this weekend for hosting (or just because it’s delicious).

Sea Tales Tinned Seafood

Catch handpicked lemony sardines, flavorful anchovy fillets, and lightly sea-salted wild tuna at Healthy Living this week! All are versatile, nutritious, and sustainably sourced from well-managed fisheries

Seed Ranch Gourmet Hot Sauces

The plant-based lineup of hot sauces your taste buds need! Try Seed Ranch’s Umami Reserve for an explosion of flavors like porcini mushrooms, oven-dried olives, and habanero pepper. Or pour on the Everything But The Taco made with freshly chopped cilantro, onion, lime wedges, and fiery salsa.

Herb Farm Wellness Extracts [In-Store Only]

Herb Pharm is on a mission to help take care of your mind, body, and spirit! Their proprietary Wellness Extracts are crafted from more than 75 herbs grown at their Certified Organic farms in southern Oregon. Pick up a convenient 4oz Kava, Ashwagandha, or Valerian blend to promote relaxation, a balanced mind, and more.