March Community Partner: Food 4 Farmers

Healthy Living and Café in Vermont is proud to announce this month’s Front End Fundraiser: Food 4 FarmersPlease donate what you can to this non-profit organization doing great work for people in coffee-growing communities. All you have to do is tell your friendly cashier that you would like to donate! They will take care of the rest for you.


Food 4 Farmers works with coffee communities in Latin America to address the problem of chronic seasonal hunger in coffee-growing communities.

Most coffee farmers depend almost exclusively on income from their coffee harvest. This dependency on one crop has created a crisis. Farmers are extremely vulnerable to coffee price fluctuations, and have nothing to fall back on if prices drop, or crops fail. As a result, millions of coffee farmers and their families cannot put enough food on the table for months at a time – year after year.”


Food 4 Farmers has one focus: to help coffee cooperatives and other coffee-growing organizations fight hunger by diversifying farmer’s livelihoods. The group works with communities, to build long-term plans and implement effective strategies so that farmers can produce food for income or personal consumption and feed their families, every day. Please visit the Food 4 Farmers website by clicking here to learn exactly how the non-profit works directly with these coffee-growing communities to address food insecurity. Next time you’re in the store, we’d love it if you took a moment to donate whatever you can to Food 4 Farmers!