Medicinal Mushrooms

With an air of mystery and magic, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in Japan, China, eastern Russia, and in some Native American cultures. Today, science is catching up with the tradition of using mushrooms for healing, understanding the enormous health benefits of certain fungi.

Medicinal mushrooms all share a common compound called polysaccharide which stimulates immunity by enhancing cell activity—basically, getting your own body to do its best work! Different mushrooms offer different health benefits— reishi is known to balance hormones; cordyceps is a powerhouse when it comes to regulating blood sugar; shiitake is high in vitamin-B complex and can boost energy… but this is just scratching the surface. There’s said to be over 700 different species of medicinal mushrooms and they’re all packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Remember, it’s crucial to know where your mushrooms and mushroom supplements are sourced from . . . fungi absorb and enhance whatever they’re grown in, so clean water and a controlled, pristine environment is key!