Meet Laura Kathleen Wright – The Learning Center Assistant

‘It feels like I get to experience two classes simultaneously… I learn something new from Nina, and the students are an abundance of knowledge in their own right. I love when they ask questions I don’t know the answers to.’ – Laura Kathleen
A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, Laura Kathleen Wright honed her practical skills working as a personal chef to busy families in New York City. Eventually, her interest in getting back to the land (as an avid gardener and aspiring farmer) led her to bid the big city farewell and resettle in Vermont. As the Learning Center Assistant Laura Kathleen thrives on the lively pace of constant exposure to teaching, learning, hands-on cookery and interaction with students. Inquiries from class participants often spur Laura Kathleen to do independent research on her own, and this innate curiosity keeps her knowledge of topics covered in classes robust as well as flexible. Healthy Living’s connection to the producers of local, organic and sustainable food has enhanced Laura Kathleen’s admiration for small-scale agriculture, and she hopes to someday integrate these passions into leading classes of her own.