Meet Our Meat!

Welcome to the Healthy Living Meat Department! We go old-school and learn the best techniques in classic butchery to bring you a nose-to-tail experience that can’t be beat.

Meat Department Healthy Living Saratoga Springs, NY
Our beautiful Meat Department, chock full of local meats and hand-made charcuterie!

We truly believe that happy, healthy animals become the best meat, so we choose animals that were humanely treated and well-fed. If you’re looking specifically for grass-fed, try Buckley Beef. These fabulous folks are only 30 miles away and provide fantastic stock for our house-cut meat. Whether you’re looking for ribeye, skirt steak, or even ground beef, Buckley and our Meat Department have you covered. We do business with Buckley because we can taste their passion with every bite; these guys might even love beef more than we do!

We’ve also brought a little bit of Vermont to New York with delectable pork from Vermont Family Farms. It’s hard to argue with the treatment these pigs receive- they’re pastured and finished with locally grown vegetable feed. This means they’re beautifully marbled, perfectly plump, and taste phenomenal. Whether you need a tenderloin for your next dinner party, pork chops for a summer BBQ, or even fresh-rendered pork leaf fat (perfect for pie crust), we’ve got you covered.

sausage, italian, house-made, affordable
One of our all-time bestsellers: Hot Italian Sausage, made in-house!

Our Meat Department really cares about cutting down on waste and respecting the animal’s contribution. So instead of throwing away our butcher cuts, we turn them into creative and delicious sausages, charcuterie, and more! Some fan favorites include our Maple Ginger Breakfast Sausage, Seasonal Crepinettes (fancy-schmancy sausage meatballs), Country Terrines, Italian Sausages, Chicken Liver Pates…the list goes on. We’re your one-stop butcher shop, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive cut to throw on the grill or a delicate pate studded with pistachios. Come in, talk to us, and see what we have to offer…it’ll be an eye-opening and mouthwatering experience!