Mooseberry Soaps: Fabulous Locally-Made Gifts!

Mooseberry Soap

Looking to pamper a loved one with exquisite body care products this holiday season? Allow us to recommend (and by “recommend” we mean very excitedly point out to you with big smiles and grand hand gestures) the locally-made soaps made by Mooseberry Soap Company!

This company began in 2009 in the small log cabin kitchen of Mary Bartolotta, where she made small batch soaps by hand using very small equipment. A lot has changed in terms of production (the company became so wildly successful that they now require a factory, rather large equipment, and many happy employees) but there are some very critical aspects which haven’t changed: their products are still crafted by hand, they still use the absolute best ingredients, and they still care deeply about their customers, their community, and the environment.

Mooseberry Soap Company’s mission statement, “What goes on your body should be as good as what goes in”, is reflected in the organic oils, natural clays, rich butters, pure essential oils, and local and regional herbs & spices that make up their soaps. All of these are carefully selected for their skin-nurturing qualities as Mary and others seek out ingredients that are sustainable, organic, moisturizing, exfoliating, purifying and balancing. They even take the extra step to ensure the packaging for their soaps are eco-friendly. How great is that?!

Plus, they’re just gorgeous. Look at these little beauties:

brochure image

With luscious aromatic blends like Vanilla Bean, Adirondack Forest, Blackberry Vanilla, Cedar Patchouli, Honey Almond, Spearmint Peppermint, Holiday, and more, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your gift list! Give your loved ones the gift of healthy, radiant, nurtured skin this season (and support a wonderful local company while you’re at it)!