Morel Monday

On Monday,  Healthy Living received it’s first batch of fresh, wildly crafted mushrooms! First on the scene are the wonderful and coveted Morel Mushrooms. News like this spreads pretty fast in these parts and before we knew it we had special orders left and right, one specifically worth mentioning was the three pound order placed by Dr. Linda Ulrich.  She was so excited we had them, on top of her three pound special order she (and her daughter Liesl) scooped up an extra pound on their way out. We had a moment to talk to these lovely ladies and see what exactly they had planned for the Morels. They say that the best and simplest way to prepare them is to first bathe them in a salt water to get them nice and clean. You then prepare an egg wash with a bit of fresh milk and dip them in a super finely ground breading made  from your favorite crackers. Then they are ready to be lightly fried in butter and served crispy hot! These crunchy delights would pair well with any sauteed green (chard, kale, collards) and complete any spring meal.
As with any rare and wildly crafted mushroom, availability of these treats is quite special and often sell out same day! Feel free to call and ask one of our amazing produce staff members and see what we have for the day.