Neighborly Love

It is now a well established fact that Vermont is home to some of the best beer in the world.  We, however, are not the only New England state that is producing world-class beer.  Our neighbors in New Hampshire and Maine also have many highly regarded breweries, several of which are featured on our shelves.  On a recent trip to the Portland area, I was able to visit some of the finest breweries in New England.

My first stop was at Baxter Brewing Company in Lewiston, Maine.  Although a relative newcomer to the craft beer scene, Baxter has quickly made a name for themselves by producing high quality canned beer.  With their 30 barrel brew system, they have been able to expand their distribution footprint, and we proudly carry their line-up on our shelves.














The next stop was Maine Beer Company at their new location in Freeport, Maine.  Maine Beer Company has rapidly risen to cult status among beer connoisseurs.  Their beers have an elegance and softness to them that set them apart from the rest of the pack.  When you see their beers on the shelves do not hesitate, they do not stick around for long.

IMG_20140709_160125493 Next up was the brewery that put Portland on the map in the craft beer world, Allagash Brewing Company.  Considered by many as one, if not the best domestic producer of Belgian style beer, Allagash’s beers have long been a fixture on the Healthy Living shelves.


The final stop of the trip took me to Hampton, NH to visit Smuttynose Brewery’s brand new facility.  After touring their impressive new brewery, we were able to sample several of their year round beers, as well as a couple of seasonal specialties.


Next time you are in the beer aisle, show some neighborly love and support some of New England’s finest breweries.