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Did you know that some “raw” almonds you buy in stores, may not be raw? “Since September 1, 2007, raw untreated California almonds have technically not been available in the United States. Controversially, California almonds labeled as “raw” are required to be steam-pasteurized or chemically treated with propylene oxide. This does not apply to imported almonds”. ( ) Legally, almonds grown in the U.S. can be labeled raw, even if they aren’t. Here at Healthy Living, we provide you with a choice.

In our Bulk section we have Organic California “raw” almonds, (which are steamed pasteurized), but we also have imported Sicilian raw almonds that have not been treated. There is a site that is co-coordinating efforts, ( ), to fight the decision to ban pasteurized almonds. For more information about this issue check out and For more information come by and see Graham, Bulk Buyer at Healthy Living!