NEW Cedar Hollow Farm Cheese


We are so excited to welcome a new creamery to our Cheese Departments in both Healthy Living Saratoga and Healthy Living Burlington! Say ‘hello’ to Cedar Hollow Farms who just became the 99th creamery in the state of Vermont! Cedar Hollow is a small, family run farm located in central Vermont. The family started raising goats and producing cheese merely as a hobby; but quickly that hobby turned into a livelihood that they could support their family with!

It’s feeding time at Cedar Hollow for the kids!

They breed and raise purebred Nubian Goats  from kids until they are able to start producing milk of their own.


The Nubian Goat breed was originally developed in Great Britain before they became a domestic breed in the United States. They have a very distinctive face with large, ‘floppy’ ears and an elongated nose and are larger in size with a wide range of markings and colors. They are most highly known for their milk’s higher butterfat content, though they do produce less milk in quantity than other breeds do. Their milk is loved for the silky, creamy, rich cheeses that it produces.

A delicious close-up of Cedar Hollow’s Tomato, Basil, Garlic cheese

Cedar Hollow specializes in creating unique, raw milk, aged goats milk cheeses right on the farm that are simply unlike any other! Their original and classic cheese that they produce is called ‘Chippenhook’; it is a plain goats milk cheese with no added herbs or spices that is smooth, buttery and rich when young, then sharpens in complexity as it ages. Their Tomato, Basil, Garlic cheese is smooth and savory with the perfect blend of herbs and spices that will add a punch of flavor to any dish! From salads, to sandwiches to grown up pizzas, Cedar Hollow’s cheeses are sure to be a hit with all members of your family!
Stop by either of our stores today to sample from this exciting addition to our Cheese Departments!

Breathtaking sunset at Cedar Hollow Farm in Winter