NEW Festive Finds to Bring Even More Joy to your Season

Dairy-free eggnog, eco-grown baking apples, cozy matcha tea—holiday deliciousness!

The countdown to the holidays is on! Shop new finds for cozy classics, dinnertime essentials, and sweet treats to help bring the magic of the season to the whole family. 

Elmhurst Oat Nog

Rich and creamy Oat Nog from Elmhurst is so decadent and lush, you’ll forget it’s dairy-free (and vegan!). Made with a cozy blend of spices, whole grain oats, and cashews, this holiday classic is delish on its own, in your coffee, and so many other recipes. 

Malk Organic Holiday Nog 

A nog worthy of the nice list! Malk’s Organic Holiday Nog is made with just 5 simple ingredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Nutmeg Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Filtered Water. Your whole family will drink up this creamy, clean classic.

Organic Valley Eggnog

Deliciously decadent Eggnog you can feel good about. Organic Valley sources their high-quality ingredients from small family farms, always free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or GMOs. Reduced fat, yet still just as rich, creamy, and buttermilk-y as nog should be.

Rishi Tea Everyday Matcha

Searching for super premium Matcha? Rishi Tea has you covered. Everyday Matcha is sourced from exclusive cultivars thanks to Rishi’s partnership with pioneering tea farmers in the volcanic region of Kirishima, Japan. Find daily balance and energy with every sip. 

Siete Green and Red Enchilada Sauces

Zesty, versatile Red and Green Enchilada Sauces from Siete are packed with real, whole vegetables like tomatillos, tomatoes, and jalapeños. They’ll bring a bright tanginess to your enchiladas, take your next crockpot dinner to the next level, and make a hearty addition to breakfast chilaquiles. 

Wholesome Regenerative Cane & Turbinado Sugar

As a pioneer in Fair Trade standards for sweeteners, Wholesome is proud to introduce their first Regenerative Organic Certified® Sugars. Grown in partnership with farms in South America to ensure sustained soil health and fair worker treatment, their eco-friendly packaging even helps reduce virgin plastic in the supply chain. 

Gardein Be’f and Chick’n Plant-Based Broths

Gardein’s NEW plant-based broths are here just in time for your favorite cold-weather recipes! Add them to soups, pasta dishes, and more for the hearty beef and chicken flavor you crave—without the meat.

Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack

Looking for a sweet pick-me-up, kid-approved treat, or the perfect reward to get your significant other to do household chores? Little Secrets has the solution. Their Dark Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack has an assortment of Crispy Wafers, Nougat Bars, and more. There’s something for everyone! 

Cheddies Sea Salt & White Cheddar Cheesy Crackers

Your new favorite snack! Cheddies Cheesy Crackers are made with organic, regenerative cheese produced on a family farm. That means they’re not only delicious, but also better for you and for the planet. Try the Classic Sea Salt or savory White Cheddar for a tasty bite anytime, anywhere.

Champlain Orchards Evercrisp Apple Tote

Produced on one of the longest continually-operating orchards in VT, Evercrisp apples are Eco-Certified and entirely delicious. As a cross between the beloved Honeycrisp and Fuji varieties, they bring a candied-apple sweetness and monstrous crunch with each bite.

Organic Navel Orange

Back in season! Add some bright color and zesty flavor to your December with fresh navel oranges. In addition to being a tasty snack, they’re also great in a bowl as a table centerpiece, or dried for a festive homemade garland. 

RubyFrost® Apples

Pretty. Delicious! RubyFrost® Apples are nicknamed “counter candy” for their bright red appearance and sweet, rich flavor. Grown nearby in New York, they’re the perfect choice for baking, charcuterie boards, snacking, and more.

Opal® Apples

An apple like no other! Opal apples are crispy, sweet, and naturally non-browning—making them ideal for salads and school lunchboxes. Plus, every purchase supports their Youth Make a Difference initiative to address food insecurity in local communities.