New Product Spotlight: Safe Catch Tuna


If you enjoy tuna but the thought of mercury still gives you slight pause before purchasing, get ready to give a little whoop of joy: we now carry Safe Catch tuna, the highest quality tuna with the strictest mercury limits on the market! (Whoop!)

Safe Catch tuna is so phenomenal because they test each and every fish for mercury. Each individual fish! That level of concern and attention is remarkable in and of itself but Safe Catch takes their values a step further by only selecting the fish which contain an upper limit of mercury levels that’s 3.33-10x stricter than the FDA-approved mercury limit. That’s their upper limit. It probably comes as no surprise to hear that Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association and is approved by the Environmental Working Group for children, which really speaks volumes as to the safety of their products.

Safe Catch isn’t just about low mercury, either. The company is committed to sustainability (which you know we love) and use only wild-caught tuna that are fished using low by-catch methods. Their Wild Albacore (whose mercury levels are 3.33x stricter than the FDA limit) are caught with pole & line and their Elite Wild Skipjack (whose mercury levels are 10x stricter) are caught with FAD-free purse seines which has low by-catch PLUS a small carbon footprint. Excellent!

Lastly, Safe Catch does minimal processing of the tuna before packing it and never add anything except tuna: no fillers, no additives, nothing. Just fish. They’re able to do this because their method of cooking the tuna is unique: instead of cooking the fish and then packing it (which makes the fish dry, thus requiring rehydrating fillers), they cook the fish inside the can. And not just in any can (Of course, you’re thinking, of course it’s not just any can- these people just can’t help themselves when it comes to raising the bar, can they?): all of their cans have BPA-free liners.

The best tuna, caught in the best way, with the best safety ratings, packaged in the best way possible. Safe Catch tuna is the superlative tuna and we’re beyond thrilled to have it available for you!