New Product Spotlight: Tribeca Oven Bread!

If you’ve taken a gander at our local bread selection lately, you might have laid eyes on a new, fabulous-looking loaf of bread.  If you spotted it around 9 or 10am, you might have even been guided to it by its intoxicating, yeast-y, mouthwatering aroma.  And then you might have wondered, How could it be so fresh that it smells like it just came out of the oven?  We’re happy to offer this simple explanation: it did just come out of the oven!  Our oven!  We’re delighted to now be carrying bread from Tribeca Oven, a NJ-based company which par-bakes all sorts of artisan breads and sends them out to be finished off by the natural food stores lucky enough to carry them.  They create their breads in small batches to preserve their Old World style and keep a keen eye on quality and we’re delighted to offer them here at Healthy Living!

We are big fans of Tribeca Oven because their products are the real deal.  They don’t have additives, preservatives, or anything like that; they only have what you want them have.  In fact, here’s the ingredient list for the French Baguettes, our first product from this great company: unbleached enriched wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast.  That’s it.  Sounds simple, and it should be simple, but it’s certainly not what you’ll find with par-baked breads offered at the big box grocery stores.

We also love this company because it gives us the opportunity to provide our guests with breads baked fresh every day.  They are the next best- and freshest- thing to baking them yourself (and far more convenient).

Of course, we wouldn’t be such big fans of Tribeca Oven’s breads if they didn’t taste amazing too.  Which they do.  They’re crusty on the exterior, light and fluffy on the interior, and so flavorful yet versatile- in other words, exactly what you would hope for.  They’re simply ideal for cheeses, served with soups, made into sandwiches, toasted for crostini, etc.

At this point, we’ve kicked off this new program with a classic: French Baguettes, every day.  These have been out on our shelves for only a short time but they’ve already become a big hit (which seems like a no-brainer to us.  Freshly baked baguettes every day?  Um, yes please, and keep ’em coming)!  But stay tuned because we’ll be bringing in more varieties soon: Cheese Bread, Ciabatta, Focaccia, Olive Rustic Loaf, and more!  Tribeca Oven offers an extensive selection of breads so we have lots of great options from which to choose.

Stop by the Bread Department to pick up a loaf or two for yourself and let us know what you think!  We expect you’ll love them just as much as we do- freshly baked bread is, after all, one of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures of life- and we couldn’t be happier to provide them!