New Products 7/17/2017 (NY)

Oh yes, it’s the heart of summer and you can see it on our shelves. The produce section is bursting with marvelous blueberries, sweet corn, and heirloom tomatoes, while the final harvest of garlic scapes are waiting to be made into batches of pesto. How about hydrating with some growler sizes of kombucha? Or, sip on some Pok Pok Som. Never heard of it? Fascinatingly delicious! Check out all the new and glorious goods coming your way this week at HL!


Local Organic Garlic Scapes – Juniper Hill Farm. Garlic scapes are the flower bud of the garlic plant. This fleeting summer delicacy has a deliciously tender and mild garlic flavor.. Use it in pesto or to enhance your summer dishes.

Local Organic Greenhouse Tomatoes – Juniper Hill Farm Tomato season is upon us. Eat as many of these local goodies as you can, while you can.

Organic Rainier Cherries — Sweet, delicate with a creamy golden color and pink blush, the Rainier cherry is always a favorite among fruit lovers.

Fresh Summer Sweet CornYou know it’s summer when you sink your teeth into a tender, super fresh, sweet ear of corn. Let the kids have fun shucking, put them on the grill and pass them out to eager hands at the BBQ.

Fresh Wild Turmeric — Turmeric is packed with antioxidants, and has amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’s also a go-to for beauty buffs wanting to up-glow their complexion. No wonder why this wonder root is growing in popularity. Try some fresh, wild turmeric and discover the amazing health and beauty benefits for yourself!


GT’s Organic Kombucha 48 fl oz: We prefer our kombucha in the biggest bottles possible and GT’s is making us very happy with 48 oz Gingerade and Trilogy flavors.

Healthade Organic Kombucha Growlers: “Go big or go home,” as they say. Now you can take larger quantities of this awesome kombucha to your home! Comes in  three flavors in half gallon growlers: Pink Lady Apple, Ginger Lemon, and Pomegranate

Dr Praeger’s Brussels Sprouts Cakes: Dr. Praeger’s makes some tasty veggie cakes, so we were pretty stoked to hear about their new Brussel’s sprouts cakes! If you like roasted brussels sprouts then you’ll love these. Non-GMO project verified.

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bagels: Ask and you shall recieve… some of our loyal guests have been asking us for GF bagels and we’re happy to delivery. Canyon Bakehouse is a scrumptious alternative to an east coast classic. Enjoy Everything and Cinnamon Raisin.


Champlain Valley Creamery Organic Triple Cream: Our best seller in VT from this local producer. Hand ladled into traditional crottin molds and aged 10 days. Rich, creamy interior flavor that is offset by a delicious earthy rind with hints of mushroom.

R&G Scape Goat Cheese: Another limited batch from these local cheesemakers. This semi-soft goat cheese features one of our very favorite seasonal edibles: the garlic scape!



Bulletproof Ground and Whole Bean Coffee. Three varieties, available in both ground and whole bean: mentalist coffee, french kick coffee, original coffee
Rancho Gordo Santa Maria Pinquito Beans. From the Rancho Gordo website, “The small, dense orbs produce a beefy bean broth. An essential part of California cuisine, they are the heart of a tri-tip barbecue and yet they’re perfectly at home in meatless meals.”

Saffron Road ChickBean Crisps. Gluten Free. The chip with real nutrition comes in three tasty flavors: Sea Salt, White Cheddar, Ranch

Pamela’s Ambition Bars. Organic, gluten free. Need a little ambition? Take a bite out of one of these five varieties of delicious gluten-free, grain-free caffeinated bars: Espresso, Matcha, Masala Chai, Cold Brew Chocolate, Salted Caramel Latte.


Healthy Living Organic Ashwagandha 500mg. Our very own Ashwagandha is now available! This super powered herb supports sleep, stress, energy, cognitive, nervous system, and immune health.

The Grandpa Soap Company Charcoal Soap. Steam-activated charcoal, paired with vitamin-rich organic hemp and mint oils, draws out dirt and toxins to free up congested pores and restore clarity to oily and combination skin.

The Grandpa Soap Company Thylox Soap. What is thylox and why is it in this soap? Thylox helps eliminate blackheads and breakouts, keeps pores clog-free and effectively removes excess oil. Ideal for skin prone to acne and inflammation, This treatment soap harnesses the healing properties of natural sulfur to prevent and eliminate breakouts, blackheads and excess oil. 3% sulfur-based cleanser for acne prone skin. NO PHTHALATES, SULFATES, PARABENS, EDTA, GLUTENS, ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES OR COLORANTS.


Krins Bakery Chewy Ginger Chocolate Cookies. We are a community of 7 Huntington women bringing diligence, humor, and really good taste buds to work every day. Our team is devoted to delicious baked goods made in small batches with deep attention to the baking process. We bring pride to our production process, using only ‘real’ ingredients (butter instead of shortening, sugar instead of corn syrup). From ingredient choice to the mixing bowl, from oven to cooling rack, we bring that sense of pride from our kitchen to you. We deliver promptly to ensure quality, freshness, and a deliciously satisfying finished product. we use Vermont-based products”:

  • Full Moon Farm, Hinesburg, Vermont
  • Carrots, zucchini
  • Bee Happy Honey Vermont, Starksboro, Vermont
  • honey (naturally)
  • Maple Wind Farm, Vermont
  • eggs
  • Monument Farms Dairy, Weybridge, Vermont