New Products at Healthy Living: 6/22/16


Organic Nasturtium Blossoms: Juniper Hill

Organic Squash Blossoms: Juniper Hill

Organic Baby Kale: Juniper Hill

Eco Grown Green Garlic: Tangleroot Farm

Grocery & Refrigerated:

Maple Hill Creamery OG Grassfed Raw Milk Cheese: 3 flavors to choose from. 100% grass fed milk. Handcrafted in Vermont by Grafton Village.

Albice Foods Sweet Olive Spreads: Great with any type of cheese. There’s 3 flavors: Apricot, Pineapple, and roasted red pepper.

Tofurky Chik’N: Plant based protein, these items are a great option for our vegan guests. Great for: stir fry’s, fajitas, sandwiches, salads, etc.

Tofurky Veggie Burgers: 3 new veggie burgers for our guests to enjoy for the coming holiday. They have: White Quinoa Burger, Hearty Hemp Burger, and a Spicy Black Bean Burger.

Tofurky Pockets: 5 new vegan pocket meals. There’s 2 big size and 3 individuals. Flavors for the big size are: Pepperoni Pizza style, and Turk’y Brocoli and Cheddar. These same 2 flavors are available in the indivciual size, and they have a Ham and Cheddar style

Owl Energy Bar:  New flavor – cherry almond

Dang Onion Chips: Sea salt flavor


MAD HIPPIE FACE CARE: Super clean: face cream, eye cream, vitamin a serum, vitamin C serum, cream cleanser, exfoliating serum

The Orange Owl: Skin care and soaps. Made in Vermont. Vegan.

LATHER BAR: Local Saratoga company: Dog bone bar soap & pet lotion bar soap


Ninkasi Maiden the Shade

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

New Belgium 12 packs


Fat Tire bottles

Fat Tire cans

Ranger: Seasonal 6 pack

New Holland

Tasmanian Hatter

Michigan Awesome Hatter

Reissdorf Kolsch


Collestefano Verdicchio

Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc 3 L

Nighthawk Black 3 L

Bota Box Pinot Grigio 1.5 L

Bota Box Cabernet 1.5 L