New Products at Healthy Living Saratoga (4/19/16)


Organic Seedless Watermelon

NY Plants & Flowers: 

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing Plant Starts: Local & Organic 

African Basil
Lemon Verbena
Pineapple Mint
“Grower’s Friend” Sage
Penny Royal
Purple Sage
Italian Basil

Vegetables & Flowers:
Yellow Cauliflower
Purple Cauliflower
Lexton Leeks
Snap Peas
Shell Peas
Oriole Chard
Frizzle Sizzle Pansies
Penny Lang Violas
Penny Purple Picotee Violas


Roland: Fermented soy bean and chili paste. These are used in traditional Korean cooking and will add some amazing flavor to what ever meat or veggies you’re cooking up.

Daily Pantry: Almond butters. Creamy, crunchy in both salted and unsalted.

Fuller: Maker of the worlds finest cheesy puffs. No joke. Three flavors in all: Blue Cheese Jalapeno, Asiago Black Pepper, Sriracha Cheddar

Smart Water: Now comes in sparkling.

Lifeway: Freeze dried fruit and yogurt snacks.


Packit: Freezable carryall lunch bags (a shoulder bag with zip closure) and traveler lunch bags (hand-bag style lunch cooler) in great prints, designed to keep food cool for hours.

Beer and Wine:

B.Nektar Stupid Man Suit- Mead blended with black currant, raspberries, and cherries.

Stillwater Super Hop- Tropical Farmhouse Ale, 6% ABV. A rarity, won’t be available year round.

Stillwater/AZ Wilderness- Big Bunny- first time distributed in NY.

Firestone Luponic Distortion- Brewed once, a blend of six different hop cultivars from last years harvest with an emphasis on a zesty tropical fruit-driven experimental hop to create a unique beer. A wheat malt base provides a clean canvas for showcasing a pure hop character. Slot with other Firestone skus

Firestone Variety 

Urban Farm Fermetory Kombucha Wild Blueberry & Ginger Root- Kombucha beer

Root Sellars Ginger Beer-  Find near our GF beers

Weyerbacher IPA- limited availability, one time purchase


Idlewild The Flower Rose- Domestic Rose from Mendocino County, California. Very limited/small batch Rose and will not be in stock all year only Rose season (spring/summer).

Cultivar Napa Cabernet Sauvignon- Domestic Cabernet Sauvignon. Very difficult to find a napa cabernet today under $20 that is of value.

Francois Chidaine Touraine Rose- More fresh Rose! All 2015 Rose’s have just arrived and the store is filled with them, domestic and foreign. Francois Chidaine is an extremely reputable winemaker in France.

Trail Marker Chardonnay Manchester Vineyard- This is a couple that are brand new to winemaking in California! Super small batches/quantities sent to the distributor, this winemaker focuses on non-invasive tactics. All these wines are unfined and infiltered, practicing organic with minimal sulfur used in the winemaking process.

Trail Marker Saveria Vineyard Pinot Noir

Goisot Aligote- The other white wine from Burgundy! Aligote is a very under-appreciated grape from Burgundy, unlike Chardonnay it isn’t as well known however it is sought after.

Ocone Apollo Aglianico- New Aglianico


Desert Essence: Italian lemon shampoo & conditioner

Gaia Herbs: Golden milk: traditional turmeric drink