New Products at Healthy Living: Saratoga Springs, NY


Organic Navel Oranges – New Crop! First new citrus of the season!

Local Eco-Grown Ashmead’s Kernel Apples – Scott Farm **Limited Time!** It tastes like a crunchy lemon when it’s first picked, and mellows over time as the sugars develop. Like a Reinette, it has a fine grain flesh and is “high acid, high sugar,” and has won the highest awards for flavor from the Royal Horticultural Society. A “kernel” refers to an apple grown from seed – Dr. Ashmead planted the seed for this apple in his garden in the early 1700’s.

Local Organic Brussels Sprouts – Juniper Hill Farm

Local Organic Cape Gooseberries – Hepworth Farms

Local Eco-Grown Watercress – Shushan Valley Hydro Farm

Local Eco-Grown Calville Blanc Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm **Limited Time!**
Wonderful champagne-like flavor and excellent texture when cooked, it is preferred above all French apples for Tarte Tatin. Discovered in 1598, a descendant of this chance seedling was one of the apples grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

Organic Parsnips

Local Eco-Grown VT Cranberries

Local Organic Covington Sweet Potatoes – Juniper Hill Farm

Local Organic Red Potatoes – Juniper Hill Farm

Local Organic Russet Potatoes – Juniper Hill Farm

Grocery & Refrigerated

Barkeater Coffee Roasters – New local coffee out of East Greenbush, NY. 4 varieties will start us off – Bali Blue Moon, Porcupine Blend, Colombia Excelso La Cristalina, Dark Roast.

BULK – Several new options from Tierra Farms are hitting the pre-pack zone. Salted and unsalted mixed nuts, sultana/golden raisins, ginger medallions, and white Turkish figs.

Yumearth Organics – Organic wild peppermint drops will join the candy sets.

Pukka Tea – 2 new teas for the set – clean matcha, and turmeric gold.

Pamela’s – Aluminum free baking powder. Find this in the baking set.

Pro-Bar  – Organic nut butter packets for energy on the go. We will be carrying 4 flavors – coconut almond butter, mixed berry almond butter, superfood almond butter, chocolate peanut butter.

Lara Bar Bites – Cherry chocolate chip, chocolate macadamia, double chocolate brownie, and mint chocolate truffle are the flavor options. These can be found with the other natural/nutritional snacks.Pascha – Rice based vegan organic chocolate chips are new for the baking set. 2 items total – dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Otto’s: Cassava flour

Gaia teas – 4 new options. Og essential tulsi, liver cleanse, og hibiscus, og sinus comfort. Find them in the tea set with the rest of the line.

Mrs. Perina – Marinara sauce is new for the pasta sets. It comes with a separate convenient cup filled with extra virgin olive oil and herbs to round out the marinara and brighten up the flavors of your dish.

Our Daily Eats –  We will be trying out their top 4 SKU’s – maple crunch, oh honey crunch, lemon coconut granola, cinnamon cranberry granola. Find these in the granola set. Great local prodyc

Hail Merry Seasonal Desserts – There’s 2 flavors: Egg Nog Mini Miracle Tarts, and Gingerbread Merry Bites. Lot’s of certifications-Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Clean, Paleo Friendly, Dairy Free.

Aqua Vitea Strawberry Sage Bottles – This flavor we had on tap and sold so well everywhere they ran out. It’s back and in bottles.

EGG NOG – 3 to begin with. Horizon Organic, Silk Nog, and Califia HolidayNog.

Purify Juice/Pulp Kitchen – A line of cold pressed juices. USDA Certified Organic, and Vermont Certified Organic. They Changed their name to Pulp Kitchen recently.

Simply Kombucha Jun – It is very similar to kombucha. Jun is fermented just like kombucha but it is fermented with green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar.  It has a mild sweet taste and still contains all the same beneficial probiotics and vitamins as kombucha. 3 flavors to try: Hibiscus, Orange Vanilla, and Lemon Lavender.


Finback Visible Spectrum IPA -16 fl oz can $3.99 – New Brewery out of Queens NY


Rainbow Light
– Prenatal & postnatal protein powder (jar and packets)

Toms Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste

Heritage Black Castor Oil: For thinning hair, skin and massage

Doterra – Breathe vapor stick