New Products at Healthy Living Saratoga: Week of 6/8/16


Organic Lettuce 5oz – Juniper Hill Farm

Organic Spinach 5oz – Juniper Hill Farm

Organic Arugula 5 oz – Juniper Hill Farm

Organic Rhubarb – Juniper Hill farm

Organic Radish Bunches – Juniper Hill Farm

Organic Red Scallions – Slack Hollow Farm

Organic Red Kale – Slack Hollow Farm

Organic Mint – Slack Hollow Farm

Organic Cilantro – Slack Hollow Farm

Eco Grown Arugula – Tangleroot Farm

Eco Grown Kohlrabi Bunches – Tangleroot Farm

Eco Grown Sorrel – Tangleroot Farm

Local Plants and Flowers – Both Stores
– Still going strong with amazing local, organic plant starts.  New varieties every week!

Organic Rainier Cherries
Organic Pluots
Organic Corn

Grocery & Refrigerated:

Mountain Valley Spring Water: Two new sparkling flavors.

Field Day: Has expanded to include cleaning and household items. We will be starting off with the draw string trash bags, dishwasher pods, and dry dishwasher detergent.

Clif Bar: Nut butter filled bars. Four flavors total.

Jovial: Glass jarred Italian beans will be new for the canned beans set. They can be slotted with 1-2 facings each. Go ahead and order.

Jovial: Organic einkorn flour

Newman’s Own: Organic cranberries and cran/raisin mix

Natures Path/Enviro Kidz: New peanut free granola bars for the kids

Garden of Flavor Juices: Cold pressed plant based energy juices

Gardien Pepperoni Pizza Pockets: I believe we got these last week, and are getting them slotted today with the other Gardien products.

Forager Juice: Four flavors – Greens and Greens, Greens and Pineapple, Greens and Apple, Greens and Orange.

Jansal Valley 1st Pick Lemonade-Just in time for the warm weather. Another great product from Sid Wainer. This can be found in produce where the apple cider was.


US SHERPA: local line imported from Nepal, new items: scarves, tote bags
Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth Protein Powders

Relaxus: New hangover bag, screw-top, fill with ice for headaches, bellyaches etc.