New Products at Healthy Living: South Burlington, VT


Organic Navel Oranges – New Crop! **Featured Product** First new citrus of the season!

Local Eco-Grown Ashmead’s Kernel Apples – Scott Farm **Limited Time!** It tastes like a crunchy lemon when it’s first picked, and mellows over time as the sugars develop. Like a Reinette, it has a fine grain flesh and is “high acid, high sugar,” and has won the highest awards for flavor from the Royal Horticultural Society. A “kernel” refers to an apple grown from seed – Dr. Ashmead planted the seed for this apple in his garden in the early 1700’s.

Local Eco-Grown Golden Russet Apples
– Scott Farm
Honeyed flavor with a touch of citrus, this dense and juicy apple is still considered to be one of the best cider apples of all time. Fine for
fresh use and baking as well, the flesh is fine grained and golden. This English apple from the 1600’s is also known as a leather-coat apple.

Local Eco-Grown Black Oxford Apples – Scott Farm
Mild, almost purely sweet, with a hint of vanilla flavor. From Oxford County, Maine, it was the regional favorite. Great all-purpose apple, used for eating, cooking, and making cider, it is still Maine’s most famous apple. This variety keeps so well that it is sometimes referred to as “therock,” and some of the old trees may still be found in pastures and barnyards in Maine today.

Local Eco-Grown Esopus Spitzenburg Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm
Considered one of the best eating apples in America. The flavor is full and rich, and it is very good for all culinary purposes as well. Thomas Jefferson planted several trees at Monticello – it is said to be one of his favorites. Discovered early in the 18th century near Esopus, New York.

Local Eco-Grown Calville Blanc Heirloom Apples
– Scott Farm
Wonderful champagne-like flavor and excellent texture when cooked, it is preferred above all French apples for Tarte Tatin. Discovered in 1598, a descendant of this chance seedling was one of the apples grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

Local Eco-Grown Golden Russet Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm
Honeyed flavor with a touch of citrus, this dense and juicy apple is still considered to be one of the best cider apples of all time. Fine for fresh use and baking as well, the flesh is fine grained and golden. This English apple from the 1600’s is also known as a leather-coat apple.

Local Organic Beauregard Sweet Potatoes – Laughing Child Farm

Grocery & Refrigerated: 

Smugglers Notch Maple Works – Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

Living Intentions – Trail mixes will be joining the bulk set. 2 varieties. Sprouted almond mulberry trail mix, and Thai pineapple sprouted trail mix.

Grandy Oats – Trail mix is coming to bulk. Maple cashew dark chocolate trail mix.

Bulk Department – Several new options from Tierra Farms are hitting the pre-pack zone. salted and unsalted mixed nuts are replacing the delux mixed nuts that were discontinued by Tierra. Others include sultana/golden raisins, ginger medallions, and white Turkish figs. VT specifically has added the almond date rolls to that set.

Yumearth Organics – Organic wild peppermint drops will join the candy sets.

Pukka Tea – 2 new teas for the set – clean matcha, and turmeric gold.

Golden Flavor – Spelt sesame sticks will join the amazing selection of sesame sticks in the bulk set.

Deep River Chips – New flavors – salt & vinegar, bbq, and classic potato chip.

Pamela’s – Aluminum free baking powder. Find this in the baking set.Pro-Bar – Organic nut butter packets for energy on the go. We will be carrying 4 flavors – coconut almond butter, mixed berry almond butter, superfood almond butter, chocolate peanut butter.

Lara Bar Bites – Cherry chocolate chip, chocolate macadamia, double chocolate brownie, and mint chocolate truffle are the flavor options. These can be found with the other natural/nutritional snacks.

Pascha –  Rice based vegan organic chocolate chips are new for the baking set. 2 items total – dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Otto’s – Cassava flour

Mrs. Perina – Marinara sauce is new for the pasta sets. It comes with a separate convenient cup filled with extra virgin olive oil and herbs to round out the marinara and brighten up the flavors of your dish.

Schlotterbeck & Foss – Moss-ness french dressing

Cawston – Sparkling beverages – 3 flavors in all – apple rhubarb, elderflower lemonade, ginger beer

Plymouth Black Truffle Cheese – A raw milk cheese, made with milk from a single herd. Full-bodied cheese made from an original curd recipe from 1890. Infused with Italian black truffles, white truffles, and olive oil. Hand dipped in wax.

Ben and Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake – It’s here and we have plenty of it.

Rumiano Cheese – Organic, Non GMO Verified, Grass Fed Cheese. We carry 2 flavors, Pepper Jack and Sharp Cheddar.

Core Foods – Organic Raw Meal Bars-There’s 4 bars to choose from. 2 of them have Whey protein, the other 2 don’t. No syrup, salt, flour or oil. No preservatives so they need to be refrigerated. The 2 without whey are vegan. Flavors we have are: Almond Raisin, Cashew Cacao, Almond Raisin w/whey, Cashew Cacao w/whey.

Healthade – Maca Berry- Another great product from this line. Flavored with Black Currant, and Maca root.

Hail Merry Seasonal Desserts – 2 flavors: Egg Nog Mini Miracle Tarts, and Gingerbread Merry Bites. Lot’s of certifications-Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Clean, Paleo Friendly, Dairy Free.

Aqua Vitea Strawberry Sage Bottles – This flavor we had on tap and sold so well everywhere they ran out. It’s back and in bottles.

EGG NOG -I’m noticing nogs at other stores so I jumped on it so our guests can have this available to them. I brought in 3 to begin with. Horizon Organic, Silk Nog, and Califia HolidayNog.


Singlecut Softly Spoken Magic Spells – 16.9 fl oz $7.99 97 Beer Advocate

Almanac Farmers Reserve Blueberry – 91 Beer Advocate

Alesmith IPA Cans – 95 Beer Advocate – their first can release

Hermit Thrush – 4 Star Sour Pale Ale

Burlington Beer – Peasant Bread


Rainbow Light – Prenatal & postnatal vanilla protein powder (jar & packets)

Toms – Rapid relief sensitive toothpaste

Heritage Black Castor Oil – For thinning hair, skin, massage

Amazing Grass Bars – New Flavors – Chocolate chip coconut & sweet & savory

New Chapter – Bone Strength – Take Care 90 ct