New Products at Healthy Living: South Burlington, VT


Organic Kumquats

Organic Meyer Lemons – Only available seasonally, these are excellent for desserts due to a lower acid profile

Conventional Clementines (3 pound bags)

Eco-Grown Vermont Cranberry Co. Cranberries (loose) – Cranberry Bog!

Conventional Pom Wonderful Pomegranates

Organic Citron aka Buddha’s Hand – An important ingredient in the US for holiday fruit cakes, the citron is not used for it’s juicy pulp like other citrus, rather the skin is zested and the pith (the white part between the outer layer of skin and the juicy pulp) is chopped and candied.

Organic Makrut Limes – Available for a short season, the peel of this lime is used for zest in many curry pastes, and the juice adds sour flavor to Thai Tom Yum soup. This lime is for use in authentic Thai cuisine!

Organic Calamondin Sour Oranges – This orange has a sweet rind and a sour fruit, great for making into a lemon-ade like drink, or more interesting desserts. Used traditionally in many dishes in the Philippines, it’s used especially on fish.

Organic Key Limes – Key Limes are much smaller and sweeter than regular limes! They are used in that most favorite of pies.  Available through the winter.

Local Eco-Grown Esopus Spitzenburg Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm (NY) – Considered one of the best eating apples in America. The flavor is full and rich, and it is very good for all culinary purposes as well. Thomas Jefferson planted several trees at Monticello – it is said to be one of his favorites. Discovered early in the 18th century near Esopus, New York.

Local Eco-Grown Black Oxford Apples – Scott Farm (NY) – Mild, almost purely sweet, with a hint of vanilla flavor. From Oxford County, Maine, it was the regional favorite. Great all-purpose apple, used for eating, cooking, and making cider, it is still Maine’s most famous apple. This variety keeps so well that it is sometimes referred to as “the rock,” and some of the old trees may still be found in pastures and barnyards in Maine today.

Local Eco-Grown Quince Scott Farm

Local Eco-Grown Winesap Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm

Organic Hachiya Persimmons

Grocery & Refrigerated 

Blake Hill – Now has no sugar added preserves to fill the need for low sugar options. Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and peach are the flavor options. Find these with the other Blake Hill jams and preserves.

Bushwick Kitchen – Meyer lemon peel infused honey and gingerbread maple syrup

Jovial – GF whole grain pastry flour

Natural Value – Organic canned sweet peas and organic sweet corn

Vermont Artisan – Ginger lemongrass tea

Verday – Chlorophyll waters are new for the grab and go beverage set. 4 flavors total – coconut, cucumber, lemon grass, and watermelon

Alter Eco – Organic burnt caramel dark chocolate bar

Taza – Organic maple pecan chocolate bar

Annie’s Homegrown – Sandwich cookies. 2 varieties – chocolate mint, and chocolate

Foods Alive – Organic black sesame seeds. Great for at home sushi making! Find these in the herbs and spice set with the white sesame seeds.

Field Day – Organic fruit stars and twists

Health Warrior – Dark chocolate chia bar

Mediterranean Organics – Organic antipasto medlies are new for the olive/gourmet sets. 2 options – Greek island, and Mediterranean medley

Pereg Shawarma – Spice mix

Mcvities – Digestive biscuits – Original and chocolate varieties

Tucson Tamales – Made with OG Non-GMO masa. Many tamales are made with lard, these use Non-GMO expeller pressed sunflower oil for a healthier version.

Noosa Pumpkin and Blackberry Serrano – Pumpkin is exactly what you’d expect for a seasonal flavor this time of year. The Blackberry Serrano is one of the best Noosa products I’ve tried so far. They launched a line of these sweet and spicy yogurts earlier this year.. The balance of sweet and spicy is dialed in perfectly.

Rebbl Protein Drinks – Organic plant-based clean protein. Soy Free and Dairy Free, it’s a blend of coconut milk and supporting herbs. 16 grams of protein per bottle. The ingredients for this brand are ethically sourced; which is part of their mission statement. A trend that is on the up this year. There’s 2 flavors: Vanilla Spice and Dark Chocolate.

Bhakti Chai Holiday Spiced Chai Nog – Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free

Silk Almond Nog

Harbison Nightshift Ever Weisse Washed –  Limited time cheese, get it while you can!

Fromager d’Affinois with Truffle – Double cream Fromager d’Affinois with black truffles


Goodwater Brewery

Inspired and Hoppy Side of Pale

Lord Hobo Consolation Prize Double IPA

Long Trail Barrel Aged Unearthed

Queen City Munich Dunkel

North Coast Old Rasputin bombers – limited time only

Burlington Beer Co Puzzles and Pagans – Imperial Raspberry Almond Stout


 Domaine Lafage – Narassa Grenache/Syrah (93 Points Robert Parker $14.99) – From one of the warmest sites in France, the 2014 Cotes du Roussillon Villages Lieu Dit La Narassa comes from 70-year-old vines planted in the black schist soils of Maury. Despite the rugged, hot terrain from where this beauty comes, the wine is pure silk and elegant, with lots of black raspberry, chocolate covered currants, pepper and olive notes giving way to a full-bodied 2014; it has polished tannin and a seamless texture. A blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah that was aged mostly in concrete tank (20% in demi-muids), drink it anytime over the coming 4-5 years.

Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza   15.99 / 18.99 89 Parker

Stillman St Chardonnay   12.99 on sale – All fruit from Stuhlmuller Vineyard which goes for 29.99

Livio Sassetti Prosecco – Great package, great prosecco from a legendary producer

Vrac Cotes du Rhone – quality and value 12.99

Leese Fitch Firehouse red


SmartyPants – Mens complete gummy multi & womens complete gummy multi with omega-3

Us Sherpa –  handmade in Nepal: baby booties

EO – Baby oil, calendula baby lotion, chamomile baby lotion to match the baby washes we just brought in

Nordic Naturals – Omega Memory with Curcumin

Nordic Naturals: Omega Vision

Baudelaire – Sisal horsehair bath glove & sisal bath glove – Produced by a women’s cooperative in Columbia, our Sisal & Horsehair Bath Glove is 100% natural sisal fiber and horsehair. Sisal is an all-natural, renewable fiber that comes from a plant of the agave family.

Himalayan Institute – Neti-flo bottle with salt

Himalayan Chandra neti flo nasal wash squeeze bottle with 30 premixed neti salt sachets. Neti flo is a natural soothing saline nasal wash. A large volume low positive pressure nasal wash is the most effective way to irrigate the nose based on current medical studies. Nasal irrigation is an excellent way to clean mucus from the nose making medication more effective.

Mychelle – Perfect C Radiance Lotion – This velvety-rich, nutrient- and moisture-restoring lotion delivers a potent 12% dose of L-Ascorbic Acid combined with Plant C-Stem™ and Licorice Extract to help brighten and protect skin from the effects of environmental pollution for a more luminous complexion.

Mychelle – Bio firm hydrogel concentrate – Concentrated 2% Hyaluronic Acid moisture-binding gel with a potent dose of Alpine Nunatak™ Plant Stem Cells and Crocus Chrysanthus Bulb Extract that help to restore healthy tone and provide deep nourishment and hydration. Skin appears instantly restored and refreshed.