New Products at Healthy Living Vermont: (9/14/16)

Produce: (Local)

Eco-Grown Holstein Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm

Eco-Grown Pitmaston Pine Apple Heirloom Apples -Scott Farm

Eco-Grown Victory Plums – Champlain Orchards

Eco-Grown Macintosh Apples – Shelburne Orchards

Organic Honeycrisp Apples – Dwight Miller Orchards

Organic Macintosh Apples – Dwight Miller Orchards

Organic Orleans Sweet Potatoes – Last Resort Farm

Organic Covington Sweet Potatoes – Last Resort Farm

Organic Burgundy Sweet Potatoes – Last Resort Farm

Organic Russian Fingerling Potatoes – Last Resort Farm

Organic Purple Viking Potatoes – Burnt Rock Farm

Organic Sweet Onions – Four Pillars Farm

Organic Cortland Yellow Onions – Last Resort Farm

Organic Stuttgart Yellow Onions – Last Resort Farm

Organic Spaghetti Squash – Full Moon Farm

Organic Pie Pumpkins – Full Moon Farm

Organic Butternut Winter Squash – Full Moon FarmOrganic Red Kuri Winter Squash – River Berry Farm

Organic Delicata Squash – Rockville Market Farm

Organic Long Island Cheese Pumpkins – Hazendale Farm

Eco-Grown Shinsui Asian Pears – Champlain Orchards

Eco-Grown Silken Apples – Champlain Orchards

Eco-Grown Honeycrisp Apples – Scott Farm

Other NEW produce: 

Organic Pomegranates

Conventional Turmeric


Amoona Botanicals:  Locally harvested sage & incense coming soon to VT .Small & large sage bundles and copal resin incense.

Nubian Heritage: New deodorant scents: patchouli, raw shea, abyssininan oil.

Grocery & Refridgerated: 

Green Mountain Creamery: Pumpkin Pie yogurt

Lifeway: Pumpkin Spice Kefir

Echo Farms: Spiced Pumpkin Pudding

Halo Top Creamery: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mocha Chip, Strawberry, and Mint Chip.

Green Mountain Creamery Fruit on the bottom: Cherry Chocolate, Coconut Pineapple, Vanilla Blueberry, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Gardein Vegan Scramble Breakfast Pockets:  A great Vegan option to start your day. Made with plant protein, and only 200 calories. Comes 4 to pack.

Primal Kitchen(NEW LINE): One of the top brands in the Paleo movement, and we will now be carrying select items from them. We will be carrying their mayo – chipotle lime and original, avocado oil – extra virgin and original,nutrition bars – cashew coconut and almond dark chocolate, and the avocado oil based dressings – honey mustard vinaigrette, avocado oil ranch, greek vinaigrette.

Natural Value: Organic canned tomatoes, green beans, hominy, and tomato paste.

Olivado: Organic option of avocado oil.

Natures Bakery: Whole wheat fig bar.

Drew’s: Chipotle Ranch dressing.

Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt: There’s 5 flavors: Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach.

Hope Guacamole: Another OG guacamole for our guests. 15oz size of the Spicy and Original.

Xochitl: Classic tortilla chip, and unsalted tortilla chip

OH Snap Pickle Bites: Pickles grab and go style. There’s Dilly and Hottie bites.

Sarson’s: Malt vinegar

Let’s Do Organic:  Organic tapioca starch

Lundberg: Sprouted rice based instant sides. All organic. We will be carrying the following varieties: chili verde, korean bbq, thai red curry, toasted coconut.

Wholesome Sweeteners: Three new frostings for our baking aisle – vanilla, chocolate, and white strawberry

Annie’s Homegrown: Multi-pack: Organic fruit peely snacks

CB’s Nuts Co: Organic flavored U.S. grown pumpkin seeds. Sea salt, naked (out of the shell), savory umami, fiery harissa.

Ian’s GF Breadcrumbs: Ancient grain variety.

Timeless: Organic lentils and grains with – purple barley, beluga lentils, harvest gold lentils, and petite crimson lentils.

Sfoglini: Pastas from Brooklyn NY. We will be carrying the following cuts – malloredus, beet fusilli, trumpets, whole grain reginetti.

JR Watkins: All natural food coloring. Just 1.99 retail for a 4pk!

R.W. Knudsen: Organic carrot ginger turmeric juice.

Epic: Pork rinds and cracklings. Maple bacon pork cracklings, texas bbq pork rinds, and sea salt & pepper pork rinds.

Vermont Coffee Co: Extra dark coffee in 8oz size.

Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Butter: A great option for our lactose intolerant guests

Miyokos Creamery: Organic Vegan Butter. Made with Organic Coconut oil and Organic Cashews they’ve created *butter. It melts, cooks, bakes and spreads.

Heidi Ho: Vegan cheese

Stokes: Sustainable fire starters


 Miyokos Creamery Organic Fresh VeganMozz: Another one we’ve been getting a lot of people asking for in VT is finally on the shelves. Very similar to mozzarella di bufalo, this cashew-based vegan version is great for pizzas, caprese, and paninis. It melts and browns. I’m impressed at how close this is when I tried it. Greats served hot or cold.

Jasper Hill Vault 5 Cave Aged Cheese: It’s a little younger than Cabot Clothbound, and tends to have a creamier texture and some nice fruity notes to it. They don’t wrap it in cloth, they age it to produce a natural rind. This is one of the best cheddars I’ve tasted in a long time. I will definitely use this the next time I make macaroni and cheese.

Agour Fromages Arpea Bethmale Brebis: Washed rind sheep milk cheese from the Basque Pyrenees region of France. The washed rind gives it a softer texture. Great robust and earthy flavor with a slight sour finish.

Forever Cheese Tres Leches: Cow, goat and sheep milk bloomy rind cheese from Cantabria Spain. Made on a tiny family dairy in Camaleno, by a husband and wife with there son and one other employee. This is a creamy and mild cheese with the flavors of fresh cream, tangy goat’s milk, and sweet sheep’s milk.

Forever Cheese IL Vegetale: Thermalized goat milk and thistle flower rennet are the star ingredients in this Italian cheese. Coming from a long line of cheesemakers. Mario Pietro Viola raises his own small flock of goats for the raw milk that goes into this unique cheese. Compact and firm, with hints of the flower in the tangy paste.

Jasper Hill Cellars Lost Nation Willoughby: Washed rind cheese. Has a thin, tender rosy-orange rind. Pudding like texture may become softer with age, but should still be sliceable for a while.

Fourmage: A four milk cheese(buffalo, sheep, goat and cow). Made in the Netherlands in the style of young gouda, it’s rich, creamy, slightly tangy with a typical gouda texture.


Narragansett Love Craft Series White IPA

Dogfish Head Punkin

Ayinger Oktoberfest

Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest: 4 pack (16 oz cans)

Narragansett White IPA: 6 pack (16 oz cans)

Shipyard Pumpkinhead: 6 pack


Neyers Left Bank Red

Molino di Sant Antimo Brunello di Montalcino