New Products at Healthy Living Saratoga: Week of 4/12/16

We’re constantly bringing new and exciting products into our store, here’s a list of our latest and greatest! Come visit us at the Wilton Mall today!


Organic Honeydew Melon
Organic Mini Watermelon
Organic Peaches
Organic Abate Fetel Pears
Organic D’Anjou Pears

Organic Plant Starts – The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (*expected arrival 4/15/16)
“German Chamomile”
“Fernleaf Lavender”
“Sweet Marjoram”
“Mojito Mint”
“Greek Oregano”
“Italian Oregano”
“Foxtail Rosemary”
“Tuscan Rosemary”
“Upright Rosemary”
“French Sorrel”
“English Thyme”

“Astro Arugula”
“Joi Choy” Asian Greens, Bok Choy
Red, Golden, and Chioggia Beets
“Green Magic Broccoli”
“Churchill Brussels Sprouts”
“Saratoga Cabbage”
“Red Integro Cabbage”
“Veronica Cauliflower”
Collard Greens
Red Dandelion Greens
“Winterbor Kale”
“Toscana LaCinatas Kale”
“Scarlett Kale”
“Waldmans Green Leaf Lettuce”
“Defender Green Romaine Lettuce”
“Salad Bowl Red Lettuce”
“Red Fire Red Leaf Lettuce”
“Sierra Blanco Onion”
“Redwing Red Onion”
“Candy Onion”
“Snap Peas”
“Shell Peas”
“Tyee Spinach”
“Bright Lights Swiss Chard”


Lesser Evil: Wasabi Popcorn

Lakewood – Organic Pineapple Juice – 12.5 oz

Hi Ball – Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor

Three Twins – Organic Ice Cream Cones. Sugar and cake flavors

Humboldt Bay Coffee Co – We will be saying goodbye to Espresso 101, Double Dark, and Blast Off. Replacing them will be 3 single origin varieties

Bob’s Red Mill – Packaged Farro


Argyle Yogurt Smoothies –  Three flavors: Blueberry, Orange and Raspberry.


Beer and Wine:

Ithaca Creeker Double IPA – Originally part of a mixed IPA 12 pack now in four packs 93 BA

Dogfish Head Beer to drink music to – First time brewed – Belgian style trippel with orange peel cardamom, peppercorns and vanilla

Barrier Smackdab and Imposter – New NYC brewery that’s getting some good buzz

Schneider Aventinus – Classic German dark 96 BA

Dale’s Pale 19.2 fl oz

Saint Somewhere Traditionnell – Belgian inspired Saisons out of Florida

All tech Kentucky Bourbon Barrell Stout and Ale 

Anderson Valley Briney Melon 

Bells Oarsman

Against the Grain The Brown Note

Jack’s Abby Calyptra – originally one of their experimental APL’s (American Pale Lagers) now in 12 packs


Marcel LaPierre Raisins Gaulois
– Inexpensive Gamay from one of Beaujolais leading vintners
Brancott Sauvignon Blanc – Stack in middle display next to rosesKeegan Ales  – Mother’s Milk


SOTRU: Organic, gluten-free, non-gmo fermented whole-food plant-based protein, greens, turmeric, mushroom powders in beautiful packaging

Toms of Maine: New SLS – free toddler toothpaste

ORGAIN: Exciting additions to this popular line: cold brew coffee & protein RTD’s, and grass-fed whey drinks

ACure: New clean suncreen & face care

Ursa Major: Clean, local VT line of face & body care. Their Hoppin deodorant is popular in our VT store