New Products at Healthy Living: Week of 4/18


Organic Seedless Watermelon

Organic Cantaloupe

Organic Bosc Pears

Pete’s Greens (Local): Organic Basil Bunches, Organic Rainbow Chard, Organic Baby Pac Choi, Organic Mustard Greens, Organic Cilantro Bunches

Bread and Butter Farm (Local): Organic Green Kale Bunches

Mountain Flower Farm (Local): Pussy Willow Bouquets

Red Wagon Plant Starts (Local and Organic)“Hot & Spicy” Oregano, “Fordhook Giant” Swiss Chard, “King Richard” Leeks, Yellow storage onions, Red storage onions, “Zefa Fino Bulb” Fennel, “Clear Crystal Mix” Alyssum, “Easter Bonnet Peach” Alyssum, “Clear Crystal Lavender” Alyssum, Spearmint


Fuller is the maker of the worlds finest cheesy puffs, out of Portland, Oregon. No joke. 3 flavors in all: sriracha cheese puffs, jalapeno blue cheese puffs, asiago black pepper cheese puffs.

Sir Kensington’s: An organic mayo, and an avocado oil mayo. They are also putting their ketchup and yellow mustard in BBQ ready squeeze bottles!

Bob’s Red Mill: Organic farro

Hi Ball: new ruby red flavor

Enzo: organic traditional balsamic vingar, organic apple balsamic vingar, organic fig balsamic vingar

Brave Coffee Co: from Waterbury is our latest local coffee option. Five varieties: Organic Columbia Tolima, Organic Brazil Nossa Senhora, Organic Mexican Oaxaca, Organic Rwanda Kivu Belt, Organic Java Rasamala

Jacobsen Salt Co: out of Portland, Oregon and provide beautiful gourmet sea salts all from the Pacific North West.

Three Twins: the maker of ice cream, has taken the next logical step and now makes organic ice cream cones. Sugar and cake are the 2 varieties.

Humboldt Bay Coffee Co: Three new single origin varieties: Organic Bolivian whole bean coffee, Organic Colombia whole bean coffee, Organic Peru whole bean coffee


Walpole Creamery: An ice cream out of New Hampshire. We’re bringing in 4 of their best selling flavors. Vanilla, Chocolate, Sweet Cream and Udder Joy(taste like Almond Joy).

Bart’s Ice Cream: A 30 year old family business out of Massachusetts. Three great flavors: Deep Purple Cow (Black Raspberry ice cream w/white and dark choc chunks), Mass Mocha (Coffee ice cream w/espresso filled choc chunks, dark choc chunks, fudge swirl), and 3 Geeks and a Redhead (Coconut ice cream, coconut flakes, choc chunks, fudge brownies, red raspberry swirl).

Ciao Bella Key Lime Squares: Tasty, individually wrapped gelato squares.

Jolly LLama Banana Coconut Pops: Sorbet pops

Kite Hill Cream Cheese: vegan cream cheese, available in plain and chive.

Real Pickles Organic Tumeric Kraut

Stumptown Coffee Co: Nitro Cans and Coconut Cold Brew

Sir Kensington’s Fabenase: Two flavors: Chipolte and Classic.

Maine Pie Company GF Cookies: Three flavors: Choc Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal. You’ll find these in our freezer section.

Andrew and Everett’s Thinly Sliced Mozzarella

Beer and Wine

 Burlington Beer Co: Barbe Rouge, Light in the Window, It’s Complicated Being a Wizard, Chasing Rabbits

Petrus: Red, Oude Bruin and Aged Pale

Eden Cider: Dry and Semi Dry in 375 mL’s

Doc Ponds Red Blend: Made by Folk Machine Winery in California for Hen of the Wood’s new beer bar in Stowe.

Beiler Sabine Rose: 2015

Tessallae GSM: 94 Robert Parker


Desert Essence: Italian lemon shampoo & conditioner

Megafood: multi for bone 40ct, baby & me 2 herb-free prenatal (2 per day), kids powders (immune, multi, b-complex)

Gaia Herbs: golden milk, a traditional turmeric drink

Goddess Garden: kids suncreen in a travel size

Now Designs/Danica: new bags designs: zip pouches (saddle up, adventure, bike) and 2 metal pencil boxes
Kiss My Face: olive oil soap 3-pack