New Products at Healthy Living and Cafe (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Organic Braeburn Apples – Sweet and tangy, aromatic and juicy, super crisp, smooth texture.

Organic Pink Lady Apples – Crisp, sweet, tangy, this is a great apple.

Organic Pomelo – These are big, much bigger than a grapefruit.  They can be pink, white, or more rose/grapefruit colored in the center, and the rind can vary from bright green to almost lemony yellow.  They are super fragrant, and are generally cut in half and eaten with a spoon (à la grapefruit) or peeled, sectioned, and eaten in slices.

Fun fact! Terms concerning the anatomy of a citrus: the pith is the white part between the skin and the sections, the part between sections is called the membrane, and a section without pith or membrane is called a “supreme.”

Organic Satsuma Mandarins: We’ve talked about these before, they’re supersweet and easy to peel.  Best when heavy for their size, bright orange, and not at all squashy (though they may give a bit when you squeeze them).

Organic Grapefruit 

Organic 2# Lemon Bags

Conventional Clementines 3# 

Eco-Grown Vermont Cranberry Co. Cranberries (loose)

Conventional Pom Wonderful Pomegranates
Organic Kumquats: You eat these little guys whole! I would dearly love to see someone candy them this year.  The ones that we will get this time around look more like the ones below than the more orange and even littler ones you might see later this year.Organic Meyer Lemons: Meyer lemons are thought to be a cross between mandarins and lemons – they have a smoother, more orange flesh, and a spicier, more complex flavor. They are much sweeter than regular lemons and have a very distinctive flavor.  Only available seasonally, these are excellent for desserts due to a lower acid profileGROCERY & REFRIGERATED DEPARTMENT:Kru Coffee Collective: From Saratoga Springs! The lineup will include: turning point, Guatemala Huehurtanngo, Colombia decaf, and Sumatra Mandeling. These will also be available in the cafe!

Hayden: Artisinal crackers are new for the crackers aisle. 4 in all – blue bear semolina, emmer farro, red fife, white sonora wheat.

Bob’s Red Mill: Quick cooking wild rice, and standard wild rice. Both can be found with the other bagged rices.

RX Bar: New flavor – coffee cacao protein bar. Find this item with the rest of the line in the energy bars set.

WatUsee: Organic gluten free chickpea breadcrumbs can now be found with the other breadcrumbs.

Kettle: 2 new options – sweet potato pie veggie chip, and chipotle honey sweet potato chip. Find them in with the other Kettle chip products.

Mom’s Best: Crispy cocoa cereal is new for that line. Find it in the cereal aisle with the other Mom’s products.

Reeds: Stronger ginger brew is new for that line. Find it with other Reeds beverage products.

Jackson’s Honest: Red heirloom crinkle cut potato chips are new for that line. Find it with the other Jackson’s Honest potato chips.

Fruit Me Up: Now has organic options for their line of apple sauce in pouches. The flavors are: only apple (sugar free), classic apple, cinnamon apple, and strawberry apple. Find these with the other Fruit Me Up products.

Curt’s Classic: Nacho kale chips are new for that line. Find them with the other Curt’s Classic items in the natural snacks sets.

Earth Circle Organics: Organic chocolate cashew clusters are new for the natural snacks set.

Divina: Maker of gourmet fruit and olive spreads perfect for cheese pairings and general enjoyment. We will be carrying the following: organic olive bruschetta, fig & cocoa spread, green olive spread, kalamata fig almond spread, and sour cherry spread.

Buddha Teas: 4 types to start: chaga, organic turmeric ginger tea, organic moringa tea, organic dandelion root tea. Find them in the tea aisle.

Happy Baby: Baby food is getting a line extension with 11 new products! Attached is a spread sheet showing what’s coming in. Look for them with all the other Happy Baby pouch products.

King Arthur: Candied orange peel and lemon peel. Find this in the baking aisle.

La Bonne Vie Herbed Brie: An addition to this line that does well for us. Delicious and not a wallet breaker.

Beehive Seahive: This was another line of cheese I was blown away by in Atlanta. The owner of this company has some wacky ideas for cheese, but when they work it’s amazing. The Sea Hive is hand rubbed with wildflower honey and Redmond Real Salt. A full-bodied cheese with a smooth, creamy texture. You want to try something really amazing try their barely buzzed cheese. That’s rubbed with espresso and lavender, subtle notes of butterscotch

Bella Maria Marcona Almonds

Bella Maria Piedras de Chocolate: 
Marcona almonds dipped in chocolate.

Frozen resets have brought some new products to Saratoga that have done well for us in VT.  Here’s a few of the Ice creams…


Jenis Ice Cream

Battenkill Creamery Ice Cream

Ronny Brook Ice Cream

Aldens Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hudson Valley Harvest: Frozen Fruits and Veggie. All of these are coming from local farms in the area.

Just Mayo: A savory sauce with a punch of garlic, a little crunch, and a tangy finish.

Good Food Made Simple: Pancake Puffs. Belgian style gourmet bites. Non GMO ingredients. There’s 2 flavors: Original and Banana

Jenis Dark Chocolate Peppermint: Definitely worth trying in hot chocolate. It’s Jenis, need I say more.

Saratoga Gluten Free: Holiday pies: pecan & chocolate pecan

Murray Hollow Bakery: French cuff cheese bread

The FlourGirl Bakeshop: Now with chocolate pecan pie for the holidays


Roundhill Magnums: Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay

Banshee Chardonnay

Chateau Lamothe Bordeaux


Shoyeido denim leaf incense holder

moon glow wheel holder

rust rim bowl

Relaxus: Love stones

Reflexology: Socks & gloves

Lather Bar: local Saratoga line adds: 3 new beard oils: nag champa, sugared spruce, citrus pine
and 3 shampoo bars: cocoa neem, hempseed, kaolin clay

Green Seed Herbals: Rose hydrosol – these hydrosols are mildly astringent, anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating and suitable for all skin types. They increase circulation, improve skin tone, and if used regularly may reduce wrinkles and enlarged pores.

EcoLips: Lip scrubs in 3 flavors: mint, vanilla, and brown sugar. Exfoliate, Moisturize and Protect.  Refresh and awaken your senses with organic essential oils of spearmint and peppermint. Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ sugar exfoliates and polishes while organic coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil moisturize and protect. Smooth lips and fresh breath – a winning combination! 60% Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredients. USDA ORGANIC. 100% EDIBLE. GLUTEN FREE, CRUELTY FREE, GMO FREE