New Products at Healthy Living: South Burlington, VT


Organic Buck Brand Nova Tangelos – Deer Creek Heights Ranch: A cross between a Clementine Tangerine and an Orlando Tangelo.  They are high sugar and low acid like Clementines, but they do have a few seeds.  Deer Creek grows all their citrus varieties for flavor above all, expect them to be delicious!  (You can always tell a tangelo by the “nipple” on one end.)


Organic Florida Strawberries (New Crop!!): Florida strawberries have a shorter season than their California counterparts – they also tend to be slightly smaller, more elongated, and sweeter!  Florida varieties are different from the proprietary Driscoll’s berries that are commonly seen.  A bit early for peak strawberry season – count on late February to early March for the best of the Florida strawberries – but who couldn’t use a taste of Spring?

Local Organic Mixed Creamer Potato 2# Bags – Burnt Rock Farms: These are the “creamer” (meaning small sized) potatoes in a fantastic array of five varieties that Burnt Rock Farm grows; ‘Purple Viking,’ ‘Adirondack Red,’ ‘Elba White,’ ‘Yukon Gem,’ and ‘German Butterball’ ! A convenient 2# bag – perfect for boiling whole, or quartering and pan roasting.

Organic Buck Brand Mandarinquats – Deer Creek Heights Ranch: A cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat; dark orange color, bell shape, and larger than most kumquats (in the two inch range).  The peel is edible like a kumquat, but sweeter!

Organic Bacon Avocados: Smoother and greener than the more common Hass avocado, the Bacon has a bigger seed, less oil and a  buttery texture. As with all avocados, the ripe one will give to gentle pressure.

Local Organic Red Napa Cabbage – Pete’s Greens: The Red Napa is mild and sweet, rich in vitamins C and A, as well as zinc and calcium. The deep burgundy color of Red Napa cabbage is due to the presence of anthocyanins, which also serve as a powerful antioxidant.

Pitchfork Farm: Local Organic Microgreens: Extremely nutrient dense and surprisingly flavorful, proof that good things come in teeny-tiny packages.  The mix includes daikon radish sprouts and red hong vit radish sprouts right now – so count on it being pretty spicy!


Bare Bones Organic Drink Mix: New flavors of this local drink mix; Grapefruit Jalapeno, Cranberry and Mango Jalapeno.

Jeni’s Churro Ice Cream: If you like Spanish churros you’ll love this cinnamon ice cream speckled with pastry flakes and bits of toffee. Yum!

Jeni’s Hot Toddy Sorbet: A twist on Jeni’s grandmother’s Hot Toddy recipe. Packed with bold flavors in Orange, Lemon, Honey, Cayenne, and Bourbon. .

Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten Free Buns: Made from Millet and Chia seed. 100% plant based. Egg free,  Vegan and of course gluten free.

Quorn Meatless Breakfast Sausage: A great vegetarian breakfast option for vegetarians.(Not Vegan).

Quorn Meatless Fajita Strips: Beef or Chicken. A convenient addition to your next vegetarian, Tex-Mex meal!

Woodcock Farm Cloud Nine: A seasonal Camembert-style, soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese with a nice, bloomy rind.

Ponce De Leon 3 Month Baby Manchego: A rich, 100% sheep’s milk Spanish cheese that pairs well with quince paste, marcona almonds and a glass of sherry.

Danesko Light Havarti: A very nice version of light cheese


Garden of Life: New sport line: plant-based protein & bars, energy drinks, grass-fed whey, Raw Fit larger sizes and bars

Rebecca’s Makes Sense: Deodorant, hydrosol face toner, and face polishing cream made locally!

Nordic Naturals: Omega-3 phospholipid, krill alternative

Organic India: Organic psyllium lift powder, in packets

The Orange Owl: Local VT hand & body soaps: cleansing soother, masala chai, neembu paani, walk in the woods

The Orange Owl: lip balms


Left Hand Bittersweet Nitro Stout

Stone Ripper Pale ale

Stonycreek Big Cranky Double IPA

Cascade Sang Noir

Brewmaster Jack Art & Industry IPA

Brewmaster Jack Near & Dear Stout

Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale

Stone Ripper Pale Ale


Redpuro Malbec


Cento: Sliced sweet red pimentos

Kru Coffee Collective: Two new single origins;  Guatemalan Ceylon, and Brazil Decaf

True North Granola: Gluten free coconut

Brave Coffee Co: Single origin Kenya Othaya

Kind Bars: Great for on-the-go/ Kind introduces four new varieties; chocolate almond mint, honey roasted nuts with sea salt, dark chocolate almond and coconut, and raspberry cashew chia.

Justin’s Nut Butters: Your favorite peanut-buttery snacks just added two new varieties to the snack pack line: classic peanut butter and banana, and honey, peanut butter and banana.

Organic India: Breakfast tulsi tea

Go Organic: Organic hard candy starlight mint and strawberry-mango-watermelon

Wild Planet: 7.5 oz family size wild albacore and skipjack tunas

Vermont Salsa Co: It’s the latest project from local legends Benito’s Hot Sauce. Using VT grown peppers and tomatillos (when available). Offered in Hot, mild, and medium.

VT salsa co