New Products at Healthy Living: South Burlington, VT (January 2, 2017)


Conventional Black Garlic: Black garlic has been fermented, and tastes almost nothing like raw garlic.  It is very sweet, and has a very soft texture, pretty much perfect for pureeing or pasting with herbs and seasonings to use as a rub. It has an even higher antioxidant content than garlic does, due to the fermentation process.

Organic African Shaddock Pomelos: Deer Creek Heights (Buck Brand) This is an old variety of pomelo, super sweet and pretty large! Pomelo is basically a large grapefruit without almost any of the characteristic grapefruit bitterness.


Organic Florida Green Coconuts: These are immature coconuts, just like the “Young Thai” coconuts that we get.  The difference is that these are grown in Florida – so much closer to us than Thailand! They have the green shell intact.  Young Thai coconuts are the ones that are peeled, shaped into a cone (for better packing/shipping) and wrapped.  The Florida ones will be big, green, and rounder. What’s the difference? If you’re looking for coconut meat, you want mature ones.  If you’re looking for coconut water/milk, you want the young ones.

Organic 4# Valencia (Juicing) Orange Bags

Organic 1# Kiwi Bags

Organic Sweet Limes – Deer Creek Heights (Buck Brand) Sweet limes don’t contain more sugar than regular limes, rather, they contain less acid – so you can taste the sweetness. They are also sweetest and fully mature when they are yellow, not green.  Traditionally used in Indian cooking and as a homeopathic cure for bellyaches.


Brooklyn Delhi: Indian Achaar relishes for your Indian cooking needs. 3 types – tomato, roasted garlic, and rhubarb ginger. Find them in the world foods sets with the other Indian and Asian sauces and condiments.
Grounds For Health is an organization based in Williston. They have partnered with Stockton Graham and Co out of Raleigh, NC to product a charity coffee called Grounds For Health Blend. $1 from every bag sold goes to help fund research to help end cervical cancer in the coffee growing communities of the world.

Laurel Hill has three new dips for the gourmet section. Spinach & artichoke dip, artichoke & lemon dip, and tomato bruschetta.

Frontier Co-op now offers an organic whole vanilla bean, and organic saffron threads. Find them in the baking aisle and spice section respectively.

For your convenience Alessi has three instant Farro-based meals that are perfect as sides. Porcini and farro, beets & spinach, and butternut squash & kale. Find them in the packaged entree section

Grandy Oats’ latest hit Coconola is now available in packaged form


Alden’s Organic Peppermint Ice Cream – a seasonal offering on shelves now.

Stowe Ice Cream Peppermint Stick- a seasonal offering on shelves now.

Vermont Cookie Love It’s A Wonderful Love: convenient sugar cookie dough; simply roll out, cut, bake, decorate and shame eat the whole batch.

Good Comida Colombian-style cheesecake in single serve jars (in the freezer section) offers a seasonal flavor; Chocolate Mint.

White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt

Green Slice Vegetarian Deli Slices: a unique product from Belgium, plant-based, organic, non-gmo, and soy free, it’s an meatless option for lunch time in  three varieties; Veggeroni, Applewood Smoked, and Oven Roasted. Not a vegan product as it does contain egg whites.

Truwhirl Frozen Whipped Topping in a piping bag. All natural whipped topping in a convenient pastry bag!

American Flatbread 3 Cheese Gluten Free Frozen Pizza. Made with Vermont Cheese.

Kevita Roots Beer: made with Sarsaparilla!

Sweet Rowen Farmstead Solstice: incredible milk makes awesome cheese; in this case a cider-washed basket Tomme.

The Cellars at Jasper Hill Foam Brewers Willoughby: washed with Sweater Weather from Foam Brewers here in Burlington. Pretty amazing.

Moliterno Al Tartufo: This sheep’s milk cheese is not for the faint of heart. Expect to be punched in the face with big truffle flavor.


Evan Healy whipped shea butter for lips

Renew Life: DigestSmart chewable enzyme in berry flavor

Shea Radiance: Unscented unrefined shea butter in 7.5 oz & 14oz


Founders: Rubaeus

Ballast Point: Coconut Victory at Sea

Frost Beer Works: Just Pale Ale

Stone Corral Saisanja


Shelburne Vineyards: Crimson Sails Marquette