New Products at HL (Vermont) – 5/8/2017

Spring is ramping up with local, seasonal produce filling the shelves and frozen treats to compliment the turn to warmer weather. Remember to try all the new and trending products hitting the shelves right now!


Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Bars. Three flavors: cinnamon spice, dark chocolate, honey cracked pepper with turmeric.

Inkos Organic White Tea Energy Drinks. Two flavors: organic citrus energy tea, organic blackberry energy tea.

Pop Art “Mash Ups” Popcorn. Two varieties: honey caramel feta popcorn, chipotle caramel cheddar popcorn.

Plum Organics “Eat Your Colors” Baby Food Squeeze Pouches. Six varieties (colors): Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Paleo Muesli.

Native Forest Pure and Simple Coconut Milk. This version contains no added gums, specifically, no guar gum.


Local Organic Pete’s Greens European Cucumbers
Local Organic Purinton Gardens Asparagus
Local Organic Last Resort Asparagus
Local Organic Red Wagon Lovage Bunches
Local Organic Red Wagon Sorrel Bunches
Local Organic Red Wagon Cilantro
Local Organic Red Wagon Chives
Local Organic Red Wagon Chervil
Local Organic Hazendale Farm Baby Spinach
Local Organic Four Pillars Farm Salad Mix
Local Organic Jericho Settlers Farm Arugula
Local Organic Jericho Settlers Farm Spinach
Local Organic Jericho Settlers Farm Radishes
Local Organic Jericho Settlers Farm Mesclun
Local Organic Jericho Settlers Farm Kale Mix
Local Organic Unity Farm Baby Kale
Local Organic Unity Farm Chard Bunches
Local Organic Asparagus
Local Organic Red Wagon Herbs
Organic Seedless Watermelon
Organic Cantaloupe
Organic Honeydew
Organic Orange Honeydew
Organic Seedless Watermelon
Conventional White Corn


New Barn Organic Almond Milk Frozen Dessert- Try this super yummy organic, low sugar, premium non-dairy frozen dessert. Flavors: Vanilla, Coffee, and Banana Chocolate Chip.

Soco Creamery- Made from scratch. Using the best milk and cream from New England farms. No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or corn syrup. Flavors: Mint Chip, Dirty Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Espresso Cookie, Ginger, and Raspberry Sorbet.

Amy’s Paella Bowl- Amy’s has taken the hassle and expense of having to make this classic Spanish dish from scratch. Gluten Free, NON-GMO.

O’Doughs Gluten Free Breads. Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non GMO Verified. Flavors: White loaf, Flax loaf, Original Sandwich Thins, Whole Grain Bagel Thins.

Light Life Veggie Meatballs- Plant Based, 100 calories, certified vegan. Tastes like real meatballs.


Ubriaco Al Prosecco- This pasteurized cow milk cheese is immersed for about 2 months in tuns full of Prosecco wine and then aged for 6 months. The cheese absorbs the flavors of the flowers and fruits, such as the golden apple and pears from Prosecco wine. Best served in crumbles or thin shavings.


Ursa Major: NO B.S. Deodorant
Ursa Major has just introduced No B.S., the unscented, baking soda-free version of their best-selling Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant. This uniquely effective, all-natural deodorant eliminates underarm odor and absorbs excess moisture to provide long-lasting protection for even the most sensitive skin.

Cocokind: Rosewater Facial Toner
After cleansing, use our Organic Rosewater Facial Toner to check that your face is perfectly clean and pH-balanced. It softens and soothes skin, while also reducing dryness and leaving skin refreshed.

Para Kito: Mosquito Repellent Sport Band
The Sport Edition enables you to be visible during your favorite activities while being protected against mosquitoes. It includes 2 refills and and ID tag for emergency situations.


Dave’s Killer Bread: Raisin the Roof
Organic, non-GMO, whole grain
8g whole grains
130mg OMEGA-3
Sweet & Cinnamony
NO high fructose corn syrup